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Understanding ADHD

Is ADHD a new disorder? Is ADD the result of our modern lifestyle? Our junk food? Our addiction to gadgets, computers, the internet? It’s true that the pressures of modern life can make anyone appear to have the symptoms ADHD—overwhelmed, restless, stressed, forgetful, confused, making mistakes, losing things…

The fellow who who did my diagnosis for me, he doesn’t particularly like the term attention deficit disorder he said he thinks a better term and he’s a wonderful psychiatrist by the way, but he prefers attention transition difficulty as being a more accurate term to be used instead of attention deficit disorder because there may not be really a deficit in the attention.

Patrick McKenna – sounds like the doctors are confused?
Dr. Steven Kurtz – and we’re probably in our toddler-hood with our understanding of this I think we’re maybe past our infancy, but we’re not mature with our understanding of this.
Patrick McKenna – you know science doesn’t know everything you know with science never claimed they did know just because researchers don’t know everything doesn’t mean they don’t know anything. Okay we need an analogy for that. okay 14th century geographers they didn’t know everything you know they didn’t they’d never even heard of the Americas or Antarctica or Australia never even heard of them but they were pretty darn sure that London was in England then the Paris was in France. What do doctors know for sure?
Dr. Edward Hallowell – what we know for sure about people who have ADD is that they do much better if they embrace the diagnosis understand it feel enthusiastic hopeful and the goal and their goal is to become a winner a champion.
[McKenna] What do we no longer believe?
Dr. Jain – we no longer believe that this is about bad kids we certainly no longer believe this is about bad parents, so we’ve got to stop
telling parents they’ve done something bad.
Dr. Steven Kurtz – we no longer believe that this simply two types or two sub types two main sub types of ADHD.
Dr. Lenard Adler – we no longer believe that all children with ADHD outgrow the condition. We know that about two and three children with ADHD go on to be adults with ADHD.
Dr. Steven Kurtz – we no longer believe that ADHD is an expression of unresolved conflicts but a frank expression of some hardwiring differences.
Dr. Edward Hallowell – the people who do poorly are the ones who have it presented to them in a very negative way, in a way that says oh you you poor child you’re disabled. Oh you poor thing you’ll never be able to realize your dreams.
[McKenna] I thought one of them will see obviously the key to success at anything is understanding it and working with it.
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