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One aspect ADHD and ADD adults have trouble monitoring is their focus, their attention. It can wander aimlessly, or hyper-focus with such intensity the house burns down while they are busy killing evil Orcs while playing World of Warcraft. Another thing we often have trouble monitoring is our emotions. While not all adults with ADHD share this trait.


I don’t know why but lately I’m finding it harder to listen to certain kinds of songs love songs mostly the ones about I can’t live without you think about it isn’t that what stalkers say I can’t live without you and if I can’t have you nobody else can imagine parents saying to a kid if you move out we won’t be able to survive if you’re god we won’t be able to make do.  Then I’m listening to Dean Martin ‘you’re nobody till somebody loves you’ Wow really you’re nobody hey little baby you’re nobody until somebody loves you you’re nobody you’re nothing. What kind of sentiment is that actually if you think about it it’s the same kind of sentiment that guys were abusive to women use if you leave me I’ll just die I won’t make it. I don’t know is that attractive?
Drama drama drama and as I grow older it strikes me as a pretty sad thing to admit I can’t live without you I mean change it to I can’t live without booze I’m nothing without booze I mean is that attractive what I want to say is you can’t always trust your feelings because feelings are kind of the result of what we believe I mean think about it remember being five years old and it’s Christmas and you’re convinced you believe Santa is coming tomorrow boy and you’re excited.
Your feelings are excitement and then someone says if you don’t go to bed he won’t come and your feelings are terror and look not only do our feelings come from our beliefs but our beliefs come into our head through our five senses and those senses are well they’re really easy to fool.  I mean think about it do you feel like you’re traveling a thousand miles an hour right now well you are that’s how fast the earth is spinning and it’s circling around the Sun at an even higher speed.  We’re going thousands of miles an hour it doesn’t feel like it.  In fact 99% of all of the major most revolutionary scientific discoveries have gone against common sense what seemed obvious what everybody knew it’s been shown that your brain and your body will react pretty much the same way to the real as to the fake.
That’s why a woman can buy a romance novel rather than go down to a singles bar and she’ll get the effect she wants. It’s why some men when they strike out at the singles bar go home and look at pictures of women it’s just little dots on a page but the brain can’t
distinguish between the dots on the page and an actual warm loving woman and so wearing you know you know it’s.
okay I’m wandering again and I feel bad.  The point is that what we feel is often based on current information new input new feelings as others have said when you know better you’ll do better in fact if I look back over my own life the stuff I’m the most proud of are the things I did never what I felt at any moment what I did the problem with ADHD is sometimes it’s hard to keep doing it’s hard to deliver on what we want to do that’s the challenge.
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