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About Dr. Rachel Gow

I am hoping that my new book will first and foremost remind all parents of neurodiverse children that they are not alone. It shares some of my personal but relatable experiences surrounding parenting and the difficulties and challenges we face raising a child with neurodevelopmental differences. The key message is that what you eat not only has an impact on the body but also plays a significant role in the health and function of our brains! We simply must consider a role for nutrition in assisting in mood management and cognitive function. The research is there, we just need to heed it. My book contains practical and easy to follow solutions as well as a nutrition guide and delicious recipes for all the family. Importantly, it provides a wealth of contributions from not only leading global experts working in the field of mental health but also from individuals living with diagnostic labels and stories from like-minded parents. I think what is most brave and heartfelt is the devotion of parents to their children, those who struggle on a daily basis to cope with symptoms and all the clinicians, researchers and professionals dedicated to improving the lives of those with neurodiversities. This book provides stories from all of the aforementioned: stories of hope, triumph in spite of adversity and the very real knowledge that positive change is entirely within your reach. Picking up this book, is definitely a smart choice!

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