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J.T. Wahlberg lives in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada, where he has “forgotten to drink alcohol” for six and a half years. He does not work a 12-step program nor did he go to a traditional rehab facility to get sober. He quit drinking in the most foolish way - cold, and it nearly killed him. His book, I Forgot to Stay Sober was written to let folks know what to expect when they redefine their relationship with alcohol and J.T. hopes that this book will serve as a warning to readers that when it comes time to end their addiction, they should do so under medical supervision. 

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Adult ADHD | The Costs

ADHD, Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse

By JT Wahlberg

There was only one way to slow down my brain: get drunk, get numb, get dumb. This happened all day every day. 

Self-medication was the key for me. I was completely in control, until I wasn’t. As a young adult I struggled with keeping my thoughts from getting out of control.