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About Linda King, ADHD Coach

Linda King is a former educator, former parenting instructor (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), and current ADHD coach with nearly a decade of ADHD coaching experience. She has completed over 350 hours of ADHD coach training, including family-specific training. Linda holds advanced certifications in both ADHD coaching and life coaching. Her practice, The Joy of Getting Things Done, is based near Boston, Massachusetts.

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Adult ADHD

ADHD and Transitioning Between Tasks

By Linda King, ADHD Coach

Brianna pointed. “As soon as dinner ends, you just start cleaning up! I don’t understand how you do it. I can’t go straight from dinner to dishes.” Dan was bewildered. To him, moving from eating dinner to cleaning dishes was natural. But to Brianna, it felt like Dan was blessed with a superpower.