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About Rick Webster - CEO Rena-fi

Richard (Rick) Webster, CEO and Founder of Rena-Fi, Inc. has spent the last two decades deeply involved in the ADHD community, helping people with ADHD find solutions for their own ADHD-related challenges. Diagnosed well into adulthood, Rick possesses an understanding borne from years of difficult, first-hand experience of living with undiagnosed ADHD: “It was one of the worst moments of my life … losing our home to foreclosure, moving 1,800 miles with my wife and four children to live with my in-laws. Broke, in debt, and no job. That was just the tip of the iceberg. How do you make that up to your kids … ever? The disruption and emotional damage was soul crushing. Sixty-two percent of us with ADHD suffer similar fates. It’s preventable. It’s unnecessary. It’s soooo personal now. How could I not pursue this mission? My whole life seems to have led me to this moment.” Because of experiences like these, Rick now works as an ADHD coach and advocate, bringing a wealth of practical life strategies to the issues of living (and living well!) with ADHD. Because of his entrepreneurial background and proactive mindset, Rick specializes in coaching ADHD entrepreneurs. Rick is the regional coordinator for the Northern California Chapter of CHADD and serves on the Board of Directors of CHADD National. He also enjoys collaborating on projects with the ADDA organization whenever possible. Through his work with CHADD and as an ADHD coach, Rick has been invited to speak on the topic of ADHD symptom remediation to therapists, psychiatrists, and other mental health service providers at Kaiser Permanente annual conferences, and at other events. Rick is the founder and CEO of Rena-Fi, a financial literacy education company dedicated to creating ADHD-friendly resources and support systems. One of the most common and devastating complications of ADHD is severe financial stress, and most personal finance resources out there simply don’t work for people with ADHD. Armed with an understanding of why most financial literacy programs fail to alter behavior, Rick and Rena-Fi are determined to make an impact in reducing the struggles and suffering that people with ADHD experience with their finances. Rena-Fi incorporates behavioral finance research studies and ADHD experience into a comprehensive, multimodal approach. The program is based online, which makes it both highly accessible and affordable to almost anyone with a connected device. Affordability is no longer a barrier to an education in personal finance anymore, and neither is ADHD!

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