Is ADHD Just a Vast Pharma Conspiracy?

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“ADD is all made up. It’s drug companies. Big Pharma. Getting kids addicted. Doctors who hand out pills like candy. Lazy parents who won’t teach kids discipline…”  The legacy of fear, confusion, cynicism, and doubt about ADHD is there for a reason. Drug companies are not innocent. In the early days it was often misdiagnosed and in some places over-diagnosed by doctors who did not fully understand ADHD. But the myth that thousands of researchers, doctors, teachers and parents are part of some vast conspiracy… Really?

Some ADHD/ADD websites have amazing conspiracy theories that explain how big pharmaceutical companies control everything.
I have my own theory–people who believe in conspiracy theories watch James Bond movies.  The old ones, from the 60’s and 70’s.  Like, “You Only Live Twice.” Blodfeld builds rockets inside a huge artificial volcano.  And he has a private army of assassins, in white leotards, all sworn to die for him and his plan.
Wearing the white leotards, who wouldn’t want to just die!
I’m sorry, where did Blofeld get these guys?  Don’t these soldiers of fortune ever write home?  “Hi Mom, I’m helping a crazy megalomaniac achieve his scheme to destroy the world, don’t tell anyone. And I’m getting paid so much money that I would gladly get shot or blown up in a spectacular way to defend Mr. Blofelds big venture, because I have a two percent profit share at the back end.”
You can’t even get people to work on long weekends!  Let alone join in some conspiracy where they will probably get killed.
People who believe in conspiracies should actually get jobs at big multinationals or government agencies … they can’t keep everyone on the same page, let alone joining into some vast conspiracy.
I know there are ruthless villains … in the movies and comics and cartoons. But in real life, bad stuff is mostly done by good people struggling to make a buck.  Or gain some respect.  Or get laid.
And the worst stuff is done by people who are too proud to admit they made a mistake, or they were wrong, or they did something bad.
Now Pharmaceutical companies are not saints, I know. But the idea that they can control or suppress scientific studies done at hundreds of universities, and somehow buy out all these people, year after year, and buy off every single person at the Department of Health and every Doctor in the world… any one of whom, could sell their story, the suppressed truth, to some TV network or newspaper for a fortune, not to mention every journalist and health reporter, and their editors and the camera crews…
If they can afford to pay off all those already well paid professionals, why can’t they pay off a few Conspiracy nut-bars on the internet? Wait, maybe they fund those people, maybe the nut bars are actually Pharmaceutical company plants, spewing craziness, so people like me will go, that’s nuts. And thereby dismiss any criticism….

Cover up? Hell, Bill Clinton couldn’t keep it a secret that he’d shared a cigar with Monica Lewinsky. And that happened in a closet, with two people involved, in the most secure building in the world, the White House! Stains on a sweater almost brought down the presidency. And yet Blofeld keeps his giant hollow volcano a secret?
If you’re a big pharmaceutical company, and you are spending billions of dollars to suppress the truth about medications that bring in… billions of dollars, at some point, you gotta figure there’s a better way to make tons of money.  The guys behind Google and E Bay and so on are making way more than you, and they haven’t produced anything real.
By the way, if there actually is a vast conspiracy here, I will keep my mouth shut, Mr. Blofeld, if you pay off my kids student loans. And our mortgage. And seasons tickets to hockey games. BWAH HA HA!

5 Replies to “Is ADHD Just a Vast Pharma Conspiracy?”

  1. I’m sorry, who did you say suppressed the electric car for all that time?

    Hemp is a great product. How come it’s not legal like it should be?

    Is it really crazy to think Building 7 was planted with explosives beforehand?

    Perhaps our complacency is how the conspiracy keeps it all quiet. Having everybody wear your white suit is even better than having just a white suited army.

  2. Good job debunking that crack-pot theory Rick. Wow, you’re insane man. lol. in a good way though. Ever wonder what Monica Lewinsky is doing now? I sure don’t.

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