3 Replies to “Hyper Holiday – Video”

  1. I agree, Larynxa! Turns out Dickens was an ass, anyway.

    Low key holiday for us, this year. Except that I work at a church, and holidays are never low key there. But other than that, yeah, keeping it simple and letting the kids do stuff.

    One of them came up with an awesome tradition. After church on Christmas Eve (the 4:00 service), we got in our pj’s and ate chili for dinner in front of the TV. Very laid back and just what we all needed.

    Good call, Rick. A break from the holidays is exactly what we needed.

  2. As I said after reading your holiday blog, today, January 12th – – I wish I had watched this when you posted it!

    Thanks for all you do, and I will bookmark and keep up from now on…. and that’s a resolution I can keep.

    Happy 2015.

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