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Did You Complete your 2018 Goals? Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever – Teleclass

ADHD CourseWith only a few weeks left in 2018 I have some questions for you:
  • Did you complete your 2018 goals? Do you even remember what they were?
  • Are you more satisfied or fulfilled in your job, relationships, academics, recreation, family, health or finances, than you were last year?
  • Does life currently feel balanced?
  • Or are you exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated from racing in circles and not getting anywhere?
WELL…one of the best things about the New Year coming is that it’s a time to pause, reassess and move forward in the right direction. Which is why my colleague and friend, Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD and the iACTcenter offers her annual “Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever” class during the first two weeks in January. It’s the perfect jumpstart to make those changes to help you get back on the right track. WHAT: Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever Teleclass WHEN: January 3rd and 10th at 5-6pm Pacific HOW: Via your phone or computer from the comfort of your own home. COST: $0 NEXT STEP: Click here to save your seat and make this your best year ever! During this class you can start fresh, rediscover what’s most important to you in your life right now and experience the feeling of clarity, focus, balance and direction that comes with staying true to that throughout the next 12 months. And…guess what…the class costs you nothing…nada…zilch…not a dime. It is a gift for us all, to have a great 2019! (By the way, if you can’t make the calls live, no problem! Laurie will be recording everything and guarantees the replay will be available for a whole week so you can listen in when it’s more convenient.) Register here. Best, Rick Green P.S. Don’t spend another year running on that hamster wheel, doing the same old same old and not getting anywhere. Get back on track with the “Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever” class – register today!  
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