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    …orders at a drive through and drives past the window, leaves money in the bank machine and forgets to sign out, leaves cupboard doors open all the time, somehow never sticks to a plan unless there’s a deadline involved, signs up for way too much stuff…


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    Leaves your free milk out in the shopping cart in the parking lot for you to pick up

    … Or if the milk actually makes it home, and forgets to put it in the fridge

    Drives past a restaurant and doesn’t realize it until 5 miles down the road

    Has six sets of keys yet it’s still not enough

    Forgets to check his gas level in the car before going on a trip

    Has teleporting Sharpie pens and has to buy a new one every two weeks

    Leaves the movie projector on for 100 hours burning out the bulb

    Enough for now

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)