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  • Scattybird

    Trashman I know what you mean I think the same thing sometimes.

    Nice bike!


    I’m very much the same way Trashman, I have a strong urge to make a joke about it, making fun of myself is fun. But it’s too easy to be miss understood, umm, Little Miss Understood?, No… Mr. misunderstood yeah that’s it! Hmm, I think picking a picture of a squirrel was a good choice for my identity here. My brain runs around like one.

    I still like bikes, only a horse is a more comfortable ride than a motorcycle. A horse could never have given me as much pure fun and sense of freedom. Long rides through the mountains alone.

    Anyway at least this time I’m pretty sure we understand each-other. It’s a good thing to care about how what we say affects the world. My posts would be much much longer if I actually thanked every single person that said something to help me. Today I’m just writing to make sure you know you’re on the list of people who help me feel less like a weirdo, more like a genuine human being. And actually OK. I’m good enough, I deserve to be here. Please don’t let your brain tell ya you don’t deserve to be here. Mine still tries to think that way. I just let that nonsense slide off into the sea; and I imagine myself surfing the never-ending waves of thoughts, moods, yeah butts, and second guessing that keep pushing me towards a rocky shoreline. Some waves are good n I catch em, ride em well, kick out before I get too far inside. Other times they’re too big, close outs, or too crowded. I’ve caught large dangerous waves(ideas) that nearly killed me. Life is a lot like surfing. I’m glad that surfin analogy/metaphor idea popped into my head… An open mind is like keeping my eyes out at the sea, waiting for the next set of waves, knowing there’s a good long ride in store for me. I choose more carefully now that I’m finding out more about who I am. I’m totallyadd! (we are).

    A mind can be a terrible thing to listen to! It’s good to not waste it either.

    Surf on Brah…

    Hang loose.

    PS, I’m glad successful adders pissed off our anonymous friend. He started one of the better threads here. That ain’t easy….. blah blah yadda yadda ….. etc. etc. etc. onandonandon.


    Trashman,yes i agree, it is how i feel .. often getting no reply leaves me at odds .. is it silly or what ?


    it i silly, but some time it still leaves one feeling like ones input has no value.it’s sad when I think about how insecure I am, so I thank-you for the reply.

    ps I always tell my wife that my bike is my mistress because it was one of those impulsive buys. But I do love riding her.


    Hi Trashman .. thankyou also for reply, I am not so sure that it is silly.

    We write how we feel and what we experience and when it is ignored or

    not replied to there is a definate feeling of being invalidated .. yeah that is

    a weak self image, but hardly a rare event with ADHD.

    A bike ? Cool, I have a 49 cc scooter that I like to ride .. I think that is

    what I do for fun … good lluck Trashman/


    Trashman – I always like seeing your posts.



    Nice to see your posts—welcome. I relate enormously to your “either on or off” sentiment!


    Hi smiliest – welcome to the forum.

    I was diagnosed in November and am playing with methylphenidate at the moment. It is good for helping me to come to terms with myself. I find it slows my mind so I am less volatile with myself and with others. It might be worth a try to help you through this bad patch??

    I wouldn’t advise you take in when in court though – I’d assume you need your mind to be sharp then. I hope things sort themselves out for you.


    >>>I wouldn’t advise you take in when in court though – I’d assume you need your mind to be sharp then. I hope things sort themselves out for you.<<>

    It’s good to remember that we all react differently to medz, I take other medications for depression that may or may not interact with ritalin and vice versa. So the generic Ritalin (methyphenidate) I take slows me down just enough to not screw up what I’m trying to do, and keeps me from flying off after the next shiny thing that catches my attention, leaving another thing undone. At least less anyway…

    Whatever it is I’m trying to do, I do it better. Smoother. The dosage I started at is extremely low, and I’m frustrated when it wares off and I’m back to my “Scattered” self.

    I never want to discourage anyone from being helpful here. So Scattybird, please don’t take offense. Your advice just might be exactly right for our new member. I end up regretting it lot’s of times even when I just share experiences in a way that sounds like advice. Or my opinion, which is what this is. JMHO

    I ain’t no termite. (figure that one out, just for fun)

    PS since this thread started out as a VENT, I want to vent about how much I dislike that dang clock on the wall. ALL CLOCKS, TIME, and especially deadlines… This adhd stuff really is a bad Monster/Dragon/Beast. At least I’m on my way to taming it. Too bad I can’t make it go away permanently.

    Vent #2 waiting for the next doctors appointment when I know I just need to take this medication more often sucks like crazy. Too many drug addicts have made doctors paranoid about medications. Waiting is torture… Especially when I can’t focus enough to read the boring magazines in waiting rooms. I’m waiting for help with patience! fortunately I know the medication is only a part of the solution. More important than I want it to be… Acceptance sucks. yADHDayadda onandon… Blahblah crunchcrunch


    Hi Robbo,

    You’re exactly right. I shouldn’t advise smiliest not to use it in court because it might be different for her than for me. I can of course only speak for myself so thank you for highlighting that – no offence. :-) It’s important that people understand these drugs work differently on everyone.

    Methylphenidate slows me down – like you Robbo – enough to make me think before I speak. That’s such a bonus – particularly when I am with people that wind me up. I suppose I am just getting used to that slowness. It’s so unnatural not to think and speak quickly having been like that for 49 years! I worry in case I am too slow sometimes now but I am probably just being more ‘normal’. It’s sometimes an effort to think of words on MPH and that’s odd for me. But maybe I just rabbited on so fast before I didn’t notice the odd missing word? Ahahah – it’s difficult to know!!

    I think my fear of smiliest taking it in court is if she is used to that quick response stuff which might be important if she’s prosecuting someone, it could throw her off guard actually thinking more slowly until she got used to it. I don’t know – as usual I’m just talking rubbish…..

    Anyway, it’s all hypothetical since she may not even want to take it.


    So yes – everyone is different. But I am glad to hear how it slows you down too – I guess that means it is actually working for me then.

    Yeah – medication is only part of the solution, but I can’t do the thoughtful cognitive stuff without it because I just go off on a rant.


    Do you think methylphenidate slows down non-ADDers too?


    Welcome smiliest,

    I loved your post – it describes a lot of what I have been going through as well. Well put!

    I was just diagnosed 4 months ago, and in my experience, I wouldn’t want to be in the court-room without my meds!! (But that’s just me) they make me quiet down, and give me that little pause to think before speaking or acting that is such a blessing!

    Anyway – to summarize what a lot of people have said on this subject – success is whatever you define it as… and I believe that your ADD experience may have been what led to your feelings of compassion and non-judgement of others. So, great that you got to learn that, and great that you get to have the benefit of knowing about ADD and the tools that might make “the beast” a little less beastly to wrestle :)

    Keep us posted!


    Thank you for sharing. Please read my posts in the employment section.

    I see that you struggles based on what you’ve mentioned, but just the fact that you managed to complete and earn a law degree already puts you ahead of many of us in the “successful” category.

    I would have given anything to have been able to earn some sort of degree that would allow me to have a great career. I graduated Cegep in Montreal Quebec and attempted Poly Sci at Concordia University but left after a couple of months. It was just too much and I wasn’t on any meds, back in the 1990’s st least in Quebec, they didn’t want people on meds.

    I’d gladly do all of your paper work for you for a job. I have the type of ADHD that I hyper focus on something until it gets done.

    I am definitely trying to be thankful and show gratitude for what I have, but it’s been quite hard when I look around at my peers, classmates and summer campmates, I think why could that be me?? I’m a good person, I try my best to be good to people, I put in all my efforts to things I do but I just get told I’m making excuses by everyone around me

    I guess my point is you are very lucky to have be able to accomplish something like this and made a career out of it


    I really believe we are each important no matter what our “success” story is ..is yet to be! Or whatever.. Its all good.. We need each person of all working classes. As long as we are contributing positively to society..or not maybe. We need people to clean the bathrooms at stores, we need lawyers, doctors, cashiers, fast food employees, tax collectors, Disney World characters.. Whatever you do, just do your best. Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else. Of course some people struggle more than others. Or wait..How would you really know? Its life. Just be your very best at being you. That’s all we can do.


    The best thing an ADHDer can do is be aware of how annoying they can be to the people around them. It takes practice… That is part of a “successful ADDer” to me.

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