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My To Do List2020-04-03T13:25:34-04:00

My To Do List

I did everything on my to do list

Most days I’m really productive, checking tasks off my list… for about two hours. And then I come to an item I dread… And I skip it… “Oh, and the next one is a doozy, I’ll do that later… Ugh, that one is still on my list?… I need a break. I’ll grab a cookie… Maybe 3… And watch a video on Youtube… Okay, just one more… Well, the day’s shot… I’ll do better tomorrow…” ⁣

⁣When I do one task I dread, just one, everything changes. It’s something we talked about on our Patron Live Chat with Jeff Copper on Procrastination… Figuring out what is behind the dread or ennui or frustration and addressing that.