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Adult ADHD

What if ADHD is a Skill Set?

By Stuart Lloyd Cohen

Introduction by Ava Green, TotallyADD Co-Founder, “ADHD as a skill set” is a thought that Stuart Lloyd Cohen introduced us […]

Adult ADHD

ADHD Burnout and Exhaustion

By Sandy Pace

Have you experienced ADHD burnout or exhaustion? When you think of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder do you think of things […]

Adult ADHD

ADHD and Productivity – 6 Influencers

By Cathy Rashidian, Certified Professional Coach

In my conversations with professionals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, they often want to know; “How can I organize my day / schedule so I can feel productive?”

Adult ADHD

ADHD and Play – Not Just for Kids!

By Grant Crowell

I love making up and sharing words, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and began speaking.
Now I do this regularly to improve my emotional intelligence, working memory, social skills, and to get outside my own comfort zone.

Adult ADHD

Deep Breathing For The ADHD Mind and Body

By Jackie Gaulton - Yoga

Just BREATHE – Let the dinosaurs chase someone else for a moment!
We have all heard the old adage at some time in our lives.  When overwhelmed by panic, stress, or fear someone has encouraged us to take three deep belly breaths to help us calm down. 

Adult ADHD

Getting Help For ADHD

By Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Psychiatrist

In terms of finding help, I would start with a book and a friend.
So forget about the professionals at the start because …