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2009 CAMH Transforming Lives Award Awarded to Rick Green

article_img1Awarded to Rick Green for his work with Attention-Deficit Disorder and the documentary ADD & Loving it?! “Undiagnosed and untreated, ADHD can ruin your life. But properly diagnosed and treated, this syndrome can usually be managed, and even become an ally. Education is the key. The people with ADHD are leading the way. They need a way to share their experience and what works.” Quote from ADD & Loving It?! Education is the key. While shooting ADD & Loving It?! that became the mission – give the audience the facts in the most appealing way possible. Make it lively and riveting for the ADD mindset. The result is a groundbreaking documentary that is both entertaining and informative. It has been hailed for “getting it right” by those living with ADD, and by the experts who know the science behind ADD. Because of this, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation awarded producer/director Rick Green their prestigious 2009 CAMH Transforming Lives Award. When he accepted the award, Rick revealed that he still has over 25 hours of interview footage that has not been used. And these aren’t bloopers and outtakes. The funny, fascinating and informative footage covers over 70 different areas of interest specific to ADD. The one-hour documentary could only address a fraction of these areas and even these were mostly covered in quick overviews. TotallyADD.com will allow us to use the treasure trove of material for in-depth answers to the big questions about ADD. Using the same blend of warm humour and reliable information that made the documentary so appealing, the website will, as Patrick McKenna said, “carry on and finish what the documentary started.” We want users to interact with the content in the web community and create their TotallyADD experience.
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