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Since we began this journey into the world of adult ADHD, we’ve had the privilege to meet with, interview, and collaborate with some very cool people. Some are doctors or researchers. Many are authors, coaches, or advocates who know about ADHD first hand, and have made it their own personal crusade.

Some have written books. Some have started advocacy groups. Some blog. Some coach. Some rant and rail. It’s all good.

Each has their own particular backstory, motivations, and mission. But the common goal seems to be eliminate the bull crap, the stigma, and the mythology to give people tools that work. Oh, and because many of them have ADHD, they sure to have fun doing it.


One of the cool people we’ve been working with over the years is Jeff Copper at Attention Talk Radio. In September, I was on the show. In October he had Ava and I on together. In the early days, Patrick McKenna and I were on together. Oh, and in between, I did another solo interview as well.

Listening to the four interviews, I was struck by several things. First, how fast Jeff, Patrick, and I talked. Second, how amazing it is that we can actually understand what we’re saying. And third, the growth in my knowledge and understanding.

I’m starting to sound like I know what I’m talking about. And often I actually do.

I recently did a one-hour talk on ADHD that turned into a two-hour talk, as mine tend to do, and I was amazed at what came out of my mouth.

It’s kind of like when you’re playing Trivial Pursuit and they ask you a question in a category that you really don’t know much about. For me that’s sports. So you have no idea what the answer is, and you shrug and blurt out, “I dunno. Uh, Ty Cobb and the New York Yankees?” And you’re right!

And no one is more amazed than you, right?


If you listen to the interviews it becomes apparent I’m more confident. Cause I’m more knowledgeable. (Having interviewed perhaps 60 experts is probably a big part of that.)

I can’t really listen to myself. I cringe like most people when they see photos of themselves. “Eww! Do I really look like that?!”

But in forcing myself to listen and not critique, I get that the interviews are jam packed with ideas and information. Plus, just like our webinars, Jeff Copper has the interviews archived so you can listen to them any time.

My suggestion is to tune in to one of them when you’re doing something that doesn’t require your full attention. Not that we ever give anything our full attention. But they’re great to listen to while you’re doing the dishes, sewing a button on a shirt, or exercising.

And not just my interviews. There’s some legendary figures, and amazing personalities in Jeff’s archives.

I’m curious to know what you think of the interviews. My one with Ava is especially juicy.

The one with Patrick is great too. Heck, they all are.

Enjoy.  And thank you to Jeff Copper.

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Click here to view The Anatomy of Story with Rick 

Click here to view We Plus ADHD with Rick and Ava

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  1. sdwa November 5, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    That’s a great idea – listening while cleaning up and organizing. His shows are great. And you’re great.

  2. Evelyn November 5, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    I don’t know how many times I’ve put AttentionTalkRadio into the forum, but I do it all the time. When I first started to accept this diagnosis almost a year ago, January, 2013, My only sources of information were this website and AttentionTalkRadio, I have you bothe on my computer equivalent to speed dial, one click and I can stay at the kitchen sink for more than 3 minutes, I can even fold a whole load of cloths before they get cold after taking them out of the dryer. Putting them away though, well some of them during the commercial brake, but not if I have to miss any of the talk.
    The shows you and Patrick McKenna, did, I listened to during my first AttentionTalkRadio Marathon, I was sorting tools in the back yard and put the computer speakers in my back window. I got so much done I could barely believe it. It was better than a full day hyper-focus.
    I really enjoyed you and your wife Ava, I’m not currently in a relationship, but I think it sort of explains why. And the one with just you, I just have to say, thank you.
    You, (totallyADD), the very special people in the forums, and Jeff Copper (AttentionTalkRadio) literally saved my life and put me on the right track to getting a handle on how to work with myself, I have only been trying to figure out what is wrong with me since I was 16, 1976.
    I have literally spent thousands, of dollars on books, and seminars that were supposed to make me a better me, be accepted, and even walk on water. But in all those years and all that reading, (I got pretty good at it too), none of it helped me as much as this website, and AttentionTalkRadio did in the few short monthst since I posted my first comment in the forum.
    From the bottom of my grateful heart, Thank You.
    Evelyn Mitchell

  3. playdhd November 6, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Ava and Rick
    I wrote you an email the night after your interview with Jeff to let you know how terrific the show was. I had attended your presentation in Detroit and was so impressed with what you were sharing then. It’s gotten even better.
    I “totally” relate to the comment on getting calmer over time. There must be some dimmer in our ADHD brain that helps us to slow down consistently over time. While it may be obvious from childhood to adult hood, it seems to continue and become deeply impactful in our 40s. The “tribe” that I hang out with seems to have developed this amazing level of self-awareness, the ability to pause (better), and appreciation of themselves as this calmness has increased. I’m not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg; but’s it’s wonderful.
    Keep up the amazing work

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