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ADHD & Gifted?

Are people with ADHD Gifted?



Can a Child with ADHD be Gifted?

Studies have shown that 50% of kids who are gifted have ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But that doesn’t mean that 50% of people who have ADHD are Gifted. Alas. It doesn’t work that way.

See that’s why statistics are tricky. Just cause of half of some group have something, doesn’t mean having that something gives you a 50-50 shot at being in that group… Y’see?…  okay studies have shown 50% of kids who are gifted have ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but that doesn’t mean that 50% of people who have ADHD are gifted, alas it doesn’t work that way.

Explaining Statistics

Statistics are tricky because just because half of something have something doesn’t mean that having something gives you a 50/50 chance of being in that  something, you see?

Okay one out of every six guys in the village people are a cop but that doesn’t mean that one out of six cops are in the village people they may wish they were but they’re not.

Over 80% of people who have adult ADHD have trouble paying attention but just because you have trouble paying attention doesn’t mean there’s an 80% chance you have ADHD you could have anxiety disorder, depression, the overworked, planning your wedding, going through your divorce, overwhelmed, under stimulated, heck you could have a live iguana in your pants well you but someone… it happened to a friend… it’s the worst pet store.

What does this have to do with ADHD?
Just that there’s a lot of statistics out there flying around and people are playing fast and loose and being very selective.  Like, I saw a website where a very professional-looking woman said statistics show that taking an ADHD medication like methylphenidate increases your chances of becoming a drug addict.
Right.  Well it’s true, it’s true if the person doesn’t have ADHD if they’re taking drugs for something they don’t have yes the risk can go up a little.
But you didn’t mention that did she she also didn’t mention that for kids who actually have ADHD who don’t get treatment who don’t get treated for it they have twice the rate of illegal drug abuse of their peers when they get proper treatment instead of smoking spliffs the rate of illicit drug use drops to the same as everyone else in their peer group their same age like 25 percent.
But the website didn’t tell you that did they no no she didn’t trust you with the truth.
So statistics are useful to a point sixty-one percent of the time but find out what they’re really about what they’ve left out and in case you’re thinking I’m being paid by a drug company to say this I’m not I’m not a dumb ass you know what a drug company would have paid a fortune to say this I could have paid off my kids university fees we could have got that house.  I am a dumb ass… 98 percent of the time
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