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Do ADD Adults Have Low Self Esteem?

“Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don’t think you can, you won’t.”  – NBA Star Jerry West

Living with ADHD means you have had to struggle harder, overcome more, and inevitably, suffer more setbacks.

No wonder, as studies have shown, adolescents and adults with ADHD have lower self-esteem.

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You need self esteem to be able to grow through life’s challenges

Patrick McKenna – Do people with ADD have low self-esteem?

Dr. Annick Vincent
What I see as a clinician is a lot of people who have low self-esteem issues, related to having ADHD since their infancy.  They grew up with ADHD, they grew up with having failures, where other people were not having that much difficulty in the same situation.   So self esteem, you
know you need self-esteem to be able to grow through that and then want to try again.
Thom Hartmann
They may have more difficulty doing it, they may have to get some help doing it, some parts of it, but there are other things that they can do in ways that are absolutely spectacular that nobody else can do and they need to know that.
Dr. Laura Muggli
I was diagnosed as an adult and I always felt bad about myself, like you know I wasn’t doing enough or it wasn’t good enough or why couldn’t I
do it better or like the other kids did or smart enough.
Patrick McKenna
Patrick settle down, Patrick ignore that Bell and pay attention.  This would go on all the time.
So ultimately anything that went wrong it was Patrick’s fault.  If you’re ADD and you’re that Patrick your self-esteem gets beat up pretty good and you do that for seven years in a row.  You’re the guy in the class that they expect to be the one that’s gonna fail all the time, you’re the guy they expect to be funny all the time, you’re the guy when you fall out of your chair accidentally that they think you did it on purpose when you do it on purpose they think you did it accidentally.
Nobody really knows who you are because you’re a different person all the time, depending on the moment that you need.
Dr. Steven Kurtz
The kids who come through my front door are kids who whose ADHD is not a gift for them.  I’m glad for people who can take a positive spin on anything negative that kind of comes their way.

It’s more than a disposition in that by the time you come through my front door it’s interfering with something in your life.  Nobody comes here because they have nothing better to do.
Janis McKenna
As a child I was or have been suspended or expelled?
Patrick McKenna
Say quite a bit.
Thom Harmann
People who believe that they can accomplish things will accomplish things, people who believe that they can’t accomplish things, won’t accomplish things.
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