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How accurate are the ADHD tests?

Is ADHD hereditary?

Yes it’s highly genetic it’s 79 or 75 % heritable. About the same as your height. It runs in families.
“How certain or accurate are the diagnostic tests for ADHD?” “It seems that if one is labeled as ADHD you may believe that he/she has it and then may possibly act accordingly.” I love those kind of questions. Maybe you just got the diagnosis or read about it and now you’re acting that way. So first of all ADHD to be diagnosed, it has to be lifelong or at least you know it was there in childhood. Some of these symptoms. unless you had a head injury. What those tests do is they don’t definitely tell you you have it, what they do is they will identify that yeah you might well have it, on the other hand it could just be you’ve just gone through a divorce and your parents both died or whatever. You’ve been through trauma, you’re overwhelmed at work and so on.
So it has to be ongoing, it has to be in multiple areas not just, man when my boss comes up to me my memory goes and I can’t forget. You know, that’s your boss that’s not ADHD.
“if someone is labeled and may possibly act accordingly”
Well I don’t know what the benefit would be to doing that? Start acting? You might use it as an excuse but I’ve also found that a lot of the people who use ADHD as an excuse end up discovering they actually have it.

Is There Support for Adults with ADHD?

“Now there is a lot of awareness for ADHD in children” this is true “what about adults who did not get testing support when they were younger 15 to 20 years ago is there support treatment for them?”
okay so the support is TotallyADD.com there are books to read there are ADHD coaches out there, and there are support groups which are for adults because you’re not sending kids to a support group.
You got to educate yourself you have to learn as much as you can you have to recognize yeah I do that I don’t do that and you won’t have all of the symptoms you won’t do every in our book (ADD Stole My Car Keys) we list 155 beliefs strengths weaknesses behaviours from mis-behaviours and nobody has them all.  But if you’re struggling if it’s at the point where some of these symptoms are messing with your life then you want to get educated, then you want to find a doctor who knows what they’re doing and get properly diagnosed and if you can’t afford that and I hate to say this, then act accordingly, sort of assume you have it and try some of the strategies and see if they work.
Okay, I’ve got more Big Burning Questions we’ll get to those on another video soon.
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