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When you’re diagnosing ADHD as an adult, old Report Cards can be hugely helpful in showing that problems with uneven attention, impulsivity, and restlessness are lifelong challenges. ADHD is highly heritable. Most of us come into the world with these traits. I’m shocked that my elementary school Report Cards clearly I was struggling in childhood. My ADHD was there for anyone to see. But no one did.


Oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention. Hi Rick green here from TotallyADD.com guess what I found! A file folder with ‘Rick’s report cards’ This goes back to.. whoo all the way to kindergarten and these are interesting. I wanted to read some of these because we’re going to be doing a live chat next week actually about an undiagnosed childhood. Basically before you knew growing up with undiagnosed unrecognized ADHD. So I wanted to read these to you. This is my kindergarten one and they have the report for the three semesters. So my autumn report, Ricky has improved in muscular control but does not relax easily.
Yeah haven’t outgrown that one he is learning to speak clearly and has improved ink. Apparently i slurred he’s learning to speak clearly and has improved in concentration, his pictures are than okay so that was that was kindergarten.

ADHD in Primary School

This is grade one listen to this his need for activity at all times may well be cause for the untidiness in seat work assignments. Yeah no kidding bored rushing want to get to home actually to work on my toys and play with my okay. Becoming distracted easily is still a problem but that too is improving. Fear and and shame and guilt does that. Neat and careful printing is still a problem yeah exactly. Every report card works neatly no no no. Now this is interesting grade to Mrs. Fempson who was I recall I didn’t like but Richard is making satisfactory process woo Richard printing still needs to be improved ongoingly pleased with Richard spelling and arithmetic grade so my mom apparently thought Mrs. Fempson was great so there you go. What do I know?
This is grade three Miss Dawson she was she was so cute she was like Elly May Clampett on on The Beverly Hillbillies which was the thing back. Ah here we go just recently shown some improvement in the quality and neatness of his written work. Wow thank God for keyboards right? Rick then second report second semester Ricky is shown by attaining good marks that he’s capable of improving the quality.
So basically he’s underachieving which is well you know which so many of us are because we don’t know what’s going on so we’re living the same world living in the same world as everyone else and we’ve got this what I call the hidden saboteur of ADHD. So this is great for head miss Dawson again two years. Ricky is trying very hard to improve the neatness of his written work. Ricky is trying so hard in all subjects. You know wasn’t a lack of effort try harder yeah I was trying as hard as I could.
This is grade five Mrs. Vaughan she was who should put her first name Gloria had no idea. There is need however for improvement in his written work it is most untidy and of course my son’s writing is just you know we thought he was gonna be a doctor. During the second semester during class he must constantly be reminded to pay attention yeah. Grade six if Richard is capable of doing much better work he needs to take more pride in his work. If you’re doing crap work’s hard to take pride in it.
So my report cards going back the ADHD was their course back then it wasn’t called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it was called not paying attention and poor student. Actually there was a medical diagnosis but I wasn’t bouncing off the walls it wasn’t severe enough that they thought there’s something wrong here. Didn’t need the hockey helmet or whatever in the classroom. I just I could sit there with plain my protractor in my pen and make spaceships and have adventures and she anyway.
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