Parenting an ADHD Child

I struggled in elementary schoolADHD Child

I struggled in High School.

Guess how I did in university?  Yes, I struggled.  Sank into Depression in fact, though I didn’t recognize what was happening until decades later.

Not so much struggle in my career.  Because I got to choose what I was going to do and focus on.  And I created shows about things that interested or intrigued me.

To be fair, my academic career wasn’t a total disaster.  I liked recess.  Plus, there were girls.  I earned high marks in some subjects, in the courses that I found mesmerizing.

But after graduation, then life got way, way better for me.  With the exception of my first job, which was cleaning the cages of hundreds of guinea pigs and rats in a medical testing lab, I’ve had a pretty astounding career.

Sometimes it’s been darn hard work.  But I’ve loved it.  Now and then it’s been onerous, soul-crushing labor.   But not so much since I was diagnosed with ADHD and realized there are some roles or tasks that I need to hand off.

The diagnosis was life changing.  Finally, an explanation!  Best of all, there are tools and strategies that work for me!

Even better?  My son WAS diagnosed with the Predominantly Inattentive Subtype for ADHD

We learned about what it was, and had him learn as well.  He started treatment.  He used simple tools and strategies to manage.  Accommodations at school and university ensured he would become who he now is, a man who is successful in every area of life.

In our video Parenting Kids With ADHD, author and advocate Kate Kelly points out that things have changed. 

What Kate went through was very different from what her daughter did.  “And I want to tell you that it’s a different deal for the kids.  There’s a lot more awareness.  It’s not the same thing as growing up with this weird thing that you don’t know what it is.  They’re going to be ahead of the game.  They’re going to be okay.”

Which is what I told my son 17 years ago.  That reassurance was about the best gift I could give him.  I think it’s what every kid with ADHD needs to hear.



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