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Research shows, and my experience suggests that most adults with ADHD struggle with a second diagnosis. Depression may be the most common “comorbidity.” It complicates the diagnostic process, makes treatment extra challenging, and each one can undermine your efforts to manage the other. But here are some clinically proven strategies that help with BOTH disorders. It’s Win-Win! (At a time when we could really use some wins.)

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What if it’s More Than Just ADHD? (Video about Comorbidity)
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    1. ghost13 June 18, 2021 at 11:41 am

      Just want to say thank you Rick, I was one of the fortunate females who were diagnosed with ADHD pretty much at birth, I have to write my life been using technique after technique ( I still fail) I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me I know I’m ADHD I’m also a medication sensitive but my doctor is trying me on a new medication that’s not as harsh It seems to be working but she might have to up the dose a little bit. Anyway through watching your videos I learned something about myself that I’m not just ADHD I’m actually on the spectrum as well and my doctor and counselor both agree that I should get tested problem is the nearest testing facility for autism is almost a two and a half hour drive away, now I love to drive a hyper focus when I’m driving It is my skill but I’m definitely afraid to drive that far by myself. I also suffer from depression and anxiety in about three different ways. Sometimes things can get really hard but I know Rick Green is always there to give me a good laugh if anything about myself and all the information that you share really helps. I’ll be 40 this August and it’s taken even with a diagnosis almost 40 years for anybody to really take time to help me work with my ADHD and help me to understand my autism but you have helped me realize that I’m not bad and that is the one thing that is always hurt my little heart so much is everyone always telling me that I’m bad and that I’m doing it on purpose but I’m not and I try so hard to be a good productive person and you taught me that that’s all I need ??

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