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ADHD Speaker Rick Green

ADHD public speaker Rick Green’s documentaries and videos have seen by millions, and now Rick is sharing his story live. To book Rick Green for your next conference or event visit Book ADHD Speaker Rick Green

Across North America, Rick Green has entertained and educated people who are living with adult ADHD

“An immensely successful comedian, producer and writer who seemed like he should have it all together, Rick Green could not understand why he constantly had trouble listening, paying attention and finishing projects.

It finally started to make sense to Rick when he was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. Wanting to help others who are unaware that they are living with the same diagnosis, Rick created two groundbreaking documentaries: ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! as well as the award winning website TotallyADD.” – CAMH (Centre For Addiction & Mental Health)

Rick offers a range of live talks, keynotes, and workshops, to a diverse group of people.

ADHD Speaker

All my life I had been tortured by an invisible saboteur. Despite all my successes I still felt lazy, weak willed, even dumb. I tuned out of conversations. I had a million things on the go but nothing finished. I could hyper focus on something trivial and then ignoring important urgent tasks, and then 47 years old I had an unexpected life-changing diagnosis I have ADHD.

I learned that untreated attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can lead to addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, even suicide, and everything I knew about ADHD was outdated or wrong. Discovering what ADHD actually is, was the biggest turning point of my adult life. When I embraced a holistic treatment plan life became much easier, way better, but the mythology stigma and

misinformation I encountered was stunning. No one believed me or believed that ADHD was real, even as I was transforming myself.

So I made it my life’s mission to help everyone I can discover what ADHD actually is and how to manage it with solid science-based information and plenty of humor. I’ve had the opportunity to help millions of people realize you don’t have to live a life of endless frustration failure and a chronic sense of underachieving. If you have ADHD you can be an innovator, a lateral thinker, a

risk-taker. You can become the successful productive person you’ve always felt you could be. I am out to show everyone that ADHD does not have to be a curse in fact it could be your superpower.


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