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Questions About ADHD

What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?

I had no idea adults could have ADHD.
Do people grow out of ADHD?
Does ADHD effect memory?
Do the experts agree?

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What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?

‘H’ hyperactivity. Hyperactivity restlessness by adulthood you’re not running around yay! well maybe you are, but you’re sitting in a meeting and going “hurry up” or you’re driving like this because you’re just in a you’re impatient [BANGs Foot] and impulsivity. That’s right just break my toe.
I’m 50 and just found out about two weeks ago that I’d probably been struggling with ADHD for a long time, had no idea that adults could have ADHD.
Here’s the thing last I heard 80% of adults who have ADHD have not been diagnosed, you will still encounter everywhere you go people who dismiss it it’s getting better and I like to think we took a lot of some credit for that having our videos and the website seen by millions of people but…
Do people grow out of it? Some people do grow out of it maybe a third maybe more by adulthood are not struggling with the same symptoms this is a neurodevelopmental disorder and even if you do get it treated as a child you’ll still.. you may well still be dealing with it as an adult that’s the fun thing about this it’s kind of an ongoing thing.

Does ADHD affect your ability to memorize (homework)

Yes absolutely we have notoriously bad memories long term short term the problem with that is and they talked about this in our video on going to school and earning a degree at university is that you’re marked for your memory work so you’re being punished for an ADHD symptom.

Could you define or describe any academic disagreement over ADHD?

I could but we’d be here all night.  There are doctors out there who don’t even believe in ADHD and they say it’s one of the bipolar one or two.
There is so much disagreement because it overlaps other disorders, the brain is complicated even the genetic research that’s being done now and we’re part of the province of Ontario neurodevelopmental Network which is I think 25 or 30 research centers, and what they’re discovering is the same genes that show up in OCD obsessive-compulsive and in Tourette and in other disorders intellectual disorders learning disorders and so on, so you know what are you gonna label it?
If you’re struggling let’s just do something about it is what I say.

What Percentage of adults have ADHD?

A local newspaper says the number of ADHD adults is more like 20% what do you guys think?
For adults the best study said 4.4 percent say it’s 3 to 5 but 20% no.
I have many more big burning questions about ADHD we’ll get to them in our next video that’s the good question good one mmm I can’t promise anything. I can promise you I’ll be in front of this sign. Isn’t that beautiful? That’s art.
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