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You want to do the right thing, the smart thing.  Consider that’s not how our minds work, it’s not how we make decisions. But realizing that our emotions cloud our decisions is the first step in breaking free.

A lot of concerns and issues come up for people when they, or someone they care about, is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Even when it’s someone they don’t care about and don’t like very much at all because there’s such a fidgety and reliable immature lazy self-absorbed ER who’s using this for an excuse. An overriding concern that many parents have is they want to make their decisions logically, not emotionally based, on the facts.

Does Logic Exist?

Logically, I mean outside of pure mathematics logic doesn’t exist. We live on a planet, we’re say, in Nevada, people can get a license from the government to run a brothel, and on another part of the planet people can get stoned to death for adultery. And people in both places will explain why it’s logical. Here’s the deal everything we do or enjoy or purchase is based on feelings. It just is. Some really amazing studies have shown that people decide things like whether they like a political candidate or not in about 30 seconds and then they use their incredible brain power and logic to invent reasons for their choice and they stick to those reasons and defend it and come up with new reasons even when he’s caught with Monica Lewinsky. There’s no such thing as logic, no right answer to any question.
Hey what kind of car you gonna buy your kids? Well it’s a lot of money and I thought long and hard so I love my kids I’m buying them a Hummer so they’ll be safe in the crash. I love my kids so I’m buying them a Prius so the planet will be safe and they’ll have a future. A used car to teach them thrift. I love my kids so I’m buying them an Audi eight because I want them to know dreams can come true. 1967 Mustang because it will increase in value and when Harold and I are gone they can sell it. I’m buying a 1967 Mustang for me, my kids will get nothing, they’ll learn self-reliance and they’ll be happy and my dream car. I love my kids so I’m buying a bike and I’m gonna go riding with them. I love my kids so I’m buying them running shoes so they’ll be able to get healthy while they travel around. The point of all this? Well your logic depends on your point of view. Your beliefs, your prejudices, your goals so rather than spend all your time studying every tool and treatment first figure out where you want to go and then look for what’s gonna get you there. What’s your destination? What’s the best way to get there? Is it is it running shoes or a 67 Mustang? Well hope it’s the Mustang.
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