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Common Parenting Issues

Parents of ADHD or ADD kids are often struggling themselves. As Coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus explains, there are two common dynamics that trap parents, creating a roadblock that paralyzes any real progress. You may recognize yourself in one of these two scenarios. That’s okay. Almost all of us end up here at some point. Recognizing where and why you are stuck is crucial to breaking through the paralysis, so you can effectively help your child. As Elaine knows first hand.

ADHD Parenting

ADHD parents, I think they sort of fall into a few different categories of the challenges that they face. Either they’re struggling with ADD themselves and so they are sort of torn between wanting to have compassion for their kids and really just already being over in over their heads and having really hard time managing it, because you know, what do they tell us parents we have to do?

ADHD Parenting Tips

We have to have structure and we have to be consistent which is a really hard thing to do if you’re ADD to yourself and that’s what our kids need the most. So I think we have this one realm of parents that are just overwhelmed and often they’ve got it themselves, and then you’ve got this other realm of parents who are more… this is an overstatement but more type-A kinds of parents who are organized and structured and they just don’t get this kid at all they just can’t really relate and they can’t figure out why the kid can’t just do what they’ve asked them to do. You know and so their challenges and what they’re struggling with is it’s sort of like one side is overwhelm and one side is frustration. Right? and so we have to manage it and deal with it differently depending on where they’re coming from.

Parenting Challenges

One of the most challenging dynamics I think families face is having the parents not on the same page. When you’ve got one spouse doesn’t matter whether male or female is dealing with it from one direction. Inevitably dad is… thinks the kids should just get it together and that mom is coddling the kid, or sometimes I see this a lot mom is frustrated and angry and can’t figure out why dad.. you know who is the one who can relate and is compassionate isn’t more firm. So some.. I definitely do see it both ways but one of my biggest struggles is to help parents find a way to get on the same page with each other so that they can make collaborative decisions, and sometimes it’s about helping them do that and sometimes it’s about helping one parent figure out how to do what’s best for their kid despite their spouse.
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