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What Does ADHD Feel Like?

What it’s like to endure the relentless mental static, sensory overwhelm and emotional chaos that can run unabated in the adult with ADHD?

Patrick McKenna – what’s it like having ADD? well I’m never bored.

Dr. Laura Muggli – the roadrunner the cartoon the roadrunner you know he’s just zipping along all the time then he stops but not for very long and then he’s zipping zipping zipping. Ao I feel like that’s the ADD brain.
Kate Kelly] – the person who mentored me in coaching said she says just once I’d like to drive my brain instead of the other way around.
[McKenna] it’s very hard to focus on a conversation when there’s young beautiful women walking around in the dinner you know older beautiful women and then there’s just women really.
Kate Kelly – you know you’re not really in charge of what’s going on.
Rick Green – not just women there’s groups of women.
Kate Kelly – you can’t distinguish you know foreground and background in terms of sound so a crowded restaurant can drive you crazy it’s like fingernails on a blackboard.
Rick Green – when my wife is in this atmosphere she gets what it’s like for me just sitting in a quiet restaurant having a conversation
just what’s going on.
Patrick McKenna – is a lot of distraction there’s this yeah there’s a lot of sensory overwhelm right going on for me right now because there’s so much happening on a regular basis this is extra extra loud going on.
Dr. Steven Kurtz – trying to juggle seven balls at once.
McKenna – I think I’m overwhelmed in here now because I already run at such a high pace inside that this is just like to the power of a thousands going on there’s even more voices more senses more distractions.
Dr. Steven Kurtz – or the idea of having 14 – 15 channels on at once and not being able to fully attend to anyone.
[McKenna] it’s very difficult to continue one train of thought because I’m being pulled over by that sound being pulled by the color of
that car but the lights that are going on around here these balloons behind me I want to have them all right now it’s incredible.
Dr. Laura Muggli] impulsivity hyperactivity can’t sit still, acting out in class disorganization, distractibility, inability to pay attention to what’s going on in the classroom. [announcement] that was always my favorite part of the day any form of interruption I always thought was fantastic because I meant I didn’t have to listen to teacher just for an instant. I could go elsewhere. What common experiences do they share?
Dr. Laura Muggli – it’s the inability to be organized it’s the inability to have sustained attention for a long period of time.
Patrick McKenna – I mean major flag as an adult with ADHD is the fact that you’re not accomplishing all those tasks that you think as an adult you should be accomplishing and therefore you feel less than.
Dr. Muggli – um sort of the impulsivity interrupting people.
Patrick McKenna – I think there’s an always searching element to it because you’re always looking for the next thing you know often find that I get bored quickly because somebody says Oh on Tuesday we’re going to see a movie oh okay great so now what are we doing Wednesday though because now that I have that conclusion to what I’m doing I’m searching for what’s next because I’ve done that in my mind I’ve been there done that movie got it what’s next?
Kate Kelly – With ADHD there’s the filter in the brain doesn’t work so well.
Patrick McKenna – no one can turn this off and there’s no peace of quiet there’s no escape at all no matter what choice you make you can’t shut it down and so when you get overwhelmed put you into a hyper state so your anxieties higher your tempers shorter you know and that’s very hard for us folks to remember sometimes when you’re trying to walk down street enjoy yourself on a fantastic afternoon like this and your tempers short you know it leads to a lot of problems.
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