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An Eventful Week

An eventful week!  And it’s not over.

On Tuesday I went to Queens Park, the seat of government for the province of Ontario, where I had lunch with the Speaker, the Hon. Dave Levac.  Mark Tishman, from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care joined us as well.  A very moving conversation.

For me, it renewed the hope that we can keep doing what we are doing at TotallyADD.com. Because at the moment our future is by no means guaranteed. Many ADHD organizations are struggling. Some have had to close down.  This week we were sad to hear that ADD Resources in Seattle is no more.

In a way it is good that we had to create TotallyADD as a privately run company (read: no pharma money) but it’s been a tough go. We’re still here, but this year will be decisive.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with a representative from a group of retired teachers about giving a talk on ADHD for their annual conference. When I mentioned how much I would love to have our videos available in French and Spanish, she informed me that she is bilingual, and can think of a number of French and Spanish teachers that might be able to get involved. Voila!

For the first time since ADD & Loving It?! premiered, and TotallyADD.com went live, I’m actively looking for help from others, in any form, so we can continue what we are doing, and expand further.

It’s a bit scary. I’m not used to ‘depending upon the kindness of strangers,’ as Blanche Dubois would say.

I have to get over the idea that asking for guidance and assistance is an imposition, and realize that there are people eager to contribute.

As well, it’s so easy for me to lose sight of the impact we’re having. Maybe part of that is the nature of the internet. It’s not like a live event where you can see the crowd of people. Or the lack of a crowd. (Ha! Those early days doing comedy. Sigh.)

But on Tuesday, I arrived at the Ontario Legislature early so I could sit in and watch Question Period. The House filled up with the members of parliament. I was up in a special gallery for Guests of the Speaker.  The Hon. Dave Levac introduced me, and what I’d done, as I stood and grinned awkwardly. Everyone in the House then rose to give me a standing ovation! Stunning. It felt like a Frank Capra movie. That had been colorized.  It only hit me on the train home that afternoon, what it all meant.

The word that came to mind is ‘inspiring.’  Inspire means to ‘breathe life into.’  Which is about how it felt. I was inspired, and it breathed new life into me.

There is good news. We who live with, or love someone with ADHD are not alone. Things are changing. More and more people are ‘getting it’, starting to understand how challenging and destructive this disorder can be, and how much can change with a holistic approach.

So take heart. Keep moving forward. And I promise we will do the same.

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  1. Chica March 22, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    I have used this site as precious support since 2011, in my own diagnosis and treatment. The value of what I have found here is priceless, but I have managed to buy 4 videos and make one donation because you obviously need money too. I wish I had more money to give you!
    I respect your choice not to charge a fee for membership: there is such a big identity change with getting an ADHD diagnosis, it seems like a twisted investment to pay money to tell yourself that this is real and you DO have ADHD. I needed plenty of time and space to feel skeptical about the whole idea. If I had had to pay for your honesty, it would have confused the meaning of the guidance I was accepting.
    Is it a naive fantasy to hope this website might win some kind of health service funding? OK, I live in a country with high taxes and lots of social welfare projects; and I know next to nothing about the Canadian Health Service or prevailing attitudes on spending tax dollars. When you say this year will be decisive, I take it this means MONEY – because the quality of what you produce is definitely NOT the issue.
    I feel a swell of pride on your behalf Ava, Jimi and Rick, when I hear you get recognition for your work. It dignifies my own efforts to take the help that has been offered to me since getting diagnosed. But if there is something concrete I, or we your readers need to do NOW to keep this website going, other than buy the occasional video, please spell it out. I realise that getting an ADHD audience to coordinate their efforts is a bit like herding cats, but I hope you will give me a chance to champion your efforts as you have championed mine.

  2. addeanne March 26, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    I’m a Yankee Spanish teacher with a bachelor’s in English. Not translator caliber, but if there is bilingual grunt work, I’d be glad to help. Also, I love your etymological observations. I spend an average of ten hours a week on Totally ADD, so hear about a half hour more of standing ovation, okay?

  3. Rick March 31, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    @Chica, thanks so much for purchasing videos from us. That’s what keeps us going.
    We are pursuing funding from the Health Care system to help defray costs. The trick will be to make sure it doesn’t come with all kinds of caveats and restrictions, “Legally you can’t make jokes about ADHD because someone might think you’re serious and that there is in fact a chicken crossing the road.”
    But I’m hopeful.
    And thank you for donating to the cause. Funny, today Jimi and I have been working away, trying to update it and make it clear that the donations go pay for web-hosting, software updates, programming, and so on.

  4. mcfarlane April 3, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    It is great that you might be giving a talk to retired teachers, but would it not be better to give many presentations to current teachers or even better future teachers. Current and future teachers are the ones who are going to be working with students who have ADHD. So go back to Queen’s Park to have lunch with the Minister of Education Liz Sandals to pitch the idea of the Ontario government contracting you to give presentations to teachers and student teachers across this watery, rocky, tons of trees province. What do have to loose?
    You will have a great lunch at Queen’s Park ( Folk the food is really great there) and maybe travel across Ontario on great airlines like Bearskin Airlines where every seat is a window seat and an isle seat.
    All students are our future.
    Hope to see you Rick at a PD day soon
    Wayne ( Looking for meaningful PD days) McFarlane

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