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    I recently, for reasons I’ll not go into now, broke down and signed up with Facebook.  This morning in my email was the not unexpected flood of crap generated from my decision.  After ten or fifteen minutes going through it, I decided that if I wasn’t careful, I would be wasting a lot of time with this Facebook thing so I quit and went back to playing Freecell.


    I  find it funny you are going to face book, and I just left because it is not very private and to many people I know want to tell me how to think. Too top it off I react emotionally to every comment and just end up deleting all my friends.  Am I the only one in the world so screwed up??


    No you are not alone!



    Hey @trashman,  it’s been awhile. Dont know if you’re still here, but I can totally relate. I finally gave in and signed up for Facebook a little over a year ago and I have had more emotional meltdowns than I can count because of it. I am doing a little better now, just staying away from it as much as possible.

    And, no, you are definitely not alone. In fact, I can almost guarantee I’m more screwed up than you. 😉


    I went to work with two different shoes

    Laughing at these! So funny.

    My confession: I got one of those small battery operated gadgets that you attach to your key chain. So if you misplace your keys you just pick up the ‘remote control’ and walk around the house pressing the button on it. When you get close to your keys it emits a beeping sound. So far I have used it three times. I could have used it more but I either forgot to change the batteries in the beeper or the remote or both, misplaced the ‘remote control’, or simply forgot I had this gadget in the first place.

    Which, I suppose, is why “ADD Stole My Car Keys” was the perfect title for my first book on ADHD.


    I solved that problem Rick, by getting a device that attaches to my keychain that I can activate from my phone. If I can’t find my phone I can use “Find my IPhone”from my iPad, my laptop or if all else fails, the desktop computer.

    Problem is, I had a defective tile that wouldn’t ring. My phone could still detect that it was close, (the app shows little green circles, the more circles you have, the closer the tile is) so I tried walking around the house to see if I could determine the part of the house it was in. No matter where I went, it said my keys were close.

    In frustration, I walked down the street. When I got half a block away and it still said my keys were close, I decided I should check my pockets again. I checked my pants pockets, my coat pockets, nothing. Then I remembered I was wearing a hoodie so I checked those pockets. And there were my keys.

    That Guy with ADHD

    That’s hilarious! And I know exactly how it feels. I could check all my pockets ten times to no avail and on the eleventh time they are right there. It’s as if gremlins hide my keys and, just to mess with me, put them back where they found them. By the way this does not apply only to keys. Anything capable of being lost has disappeared and reappeared as if by magic many times including my car! I’m still looking for a tire pump and a container of Ice tea mix. I think Elvis has them.

    AKA That Guy with ADHD


    I love you guys! This is great!! Thanks!! 🙂 HA!


    Looking at my dashboard “brake” light, knowing Nothing about it, so I’m on one knee next to the car, on the street, looking at the little switch button that the spring loaded arm hits.
    Mess with it a little, set the brake to get the arm off the button. Mess with it some moreput your finger on the button and grab the release handle in the other hand.
    As you pull, this really anxious alarm starts in your head, and the minds eye sees words slowly appear: Bonehead…move…your…fingWHAM!!!,
    I read a story about two guys that sell a computer to Himalayan monks to write out the 9 Million Names Of God. Neat story.
    I recited those names in about seven seconds flat while dancing around the car like a mad bastard and screaming like a drunk monkey.
    All this while, absolutely aware that the only idiot that has had anything to do with this is the bonehead holding his hand and sniveling like a toddler.
    Yep, if I had it on film, it would be worth money.


    Mine was this morning. I very carefully spent twenty minutes organising and scanning forms to email to myself. I get through the scanning, go back downstairs, wonder for ten minutes why the email isn’t appearing in my inbox, then realise I had scanned the documents, but failed to actually press the send button… Had to go back up and start all over.


    Drove to pick my younger brother up from the bus stop, was very proud of myself for remembering to take him straight to his doctor’s appointment. It wasn’t until I stepped out of the car that I realised I was still wearing my fluffy, penguin-print pyjama pants – perfectly acceptable for driving in, not so much for walking into the clinic. I just had to suck it up, avoid eye contact with the rest of the waiting room, and be very thankful that I’d put shoes on this time.


    Just gotta ask: did your shoes match ?…


    A friend picked me up for dinner one night after work. I offered to buy a bottle of wine. We were running late so when he pulled into the liquor store I ran in and ran back out as fast as I could only to discover as I opened the car door, that I had been sitting on a big stack of mail he had on the passenger’s seat.

    I grab the mail as I’m getting into the car and just place it on my lap as I’m saying “Steve, why didnt you tell me I was sitting on all of your mail?

    …..then I hear the unfamiliar and rather cranky voice reply “ You’ve got the wrong car, lady!” I turn to look at some strange old man glaring at me over his glasses.

    So in typical fashion, I apologize and burst out laughing. Meanwhile Steve is sitting In his nearly identical car , watching the whole thing go down , doubled over and laughing so hard he can barely breathe!

    That was 20 years ago, I have never lived it down and we still both howl when we talk about it.

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    Just asked myself what the book ‚chickensoup for the soul for people with add‘ would look like … can‘t stop laughing. Maybe i should write… or rather draw… maybe even doodle it? Let me think about it. You may look for it on amazon, maybe next year, or the year after , probably not before 2035…. but i’m sure you will love it!

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