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  • @Larynxa, way to go on continuing to loose weight! and for doing the workshop!

    Patte Rosebank

    We keep losing track of this thread, if we don’t post in it for a while.

    So, I’ve created a “High-Five Group”, because Groups are easier to keep track of than threads.

    Everyone’s welcome to join!


    I went to the 2017 International ADHD Conference and did my one-man show, “My Award-Winning, Coast-to-Coast Mental Disorder” as a fund raiser for the Conference and got a standing ovation at the end! Wow!

    I can see now that what made the difference was running the show numerous times, but in sections, rather than trying to get through the whole 95 minutes in one go. No one rehearses a stage production from the top to the bottom until just before opening night, but I kept starting at the beginning, and then I’d notice a mistake in the power point, or want to modify the wording, and end up losing my momentum.

    In fact, what i did was something I do with almost any big task, I broke it up into do-able, digestible, manageable chunks.

    That Guy with ADHD

    Good idea Rick. I learned to break things down in a CBT class I took this year. It sounds so intuitive but I have a hard time putting it into practice.

    As for me I have been able to make it to the last 6 meetings of my ADHD support group. It has been a challenge for me to think into the future and make plans (like booking the day off) but I did it! High Five!


    @ Rick. I seem to remember being told to do this for long lectures. Stop every 45 minutes, give people time to use the restroom, discuss what they heard, etc.
    Then continue. I recently joined a local Toastmaster’s Club, and I am thinking, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”. 🙂

    Patte Rosebank

    I just got my Security Guard Licence!

    Things have changed at work, and all Stage Door staff have to be licenced security guards. I’ve been interested in that sort of thing for quite a while, and my employer paid for my training, exam, and licence.

    I was the first to finish the exam, and only needed 1/3 of the alotted time to write the test and carefully double-check my answers. I passed with 88%. I’d have done even better, but the training provider my employer selected left a lot to be desired, and several questions involved material not covered in the course.

    “Security guard, got my thermos o’ coffee beside me. Security guard, got my 2-foot-long flashlight to guide me…”


    Hi there Larynxa

    I would love to talk to you about your medication because I have diabetes and ADD and Im having alot of rebound issues for several weeks.

    If we could somehow contact each other about this it would be of great help!

    Im totally new in this forum so I have No idea How this works Haha, hope you’ll eraf this 🙂


    First hi to anyone who has read these posts in the last 7 years. Its high time we started congratulating ourselves and others for just being here…and Despite all the programming infinite loops to he 🏒🏒 in turbotax. I printede out the submission and then noticed it was May 1 in ottawa LATE again.

    I finished my taxes and efiled at 11;15pm last night. In preparaion i had pre done them several times in january nd feb but waited til i had all the info and then procrastinated almost two more months. But they were done. almost on time

    By the way Turbo tax was wrong . Instead of owing them 200 i was due a refund of 400. Discovered as i checked the full tax filing 37 pages.


    Way to go!
    I cringe at the word “bookkeeping”.
    And congratulations on the refund!

    Jordan Belfort

    I at long last set up a brief fence yesterday to keep in my darling canine.


    Have been training volleyball referees for years, been a teacher at church, even training teachers. Then something happened and I lost my confidence. Haven‘t taught anything for about 10 years. Tried once but called and said I was sick. Last week I tried again: and tadaaa… I managed it and even had fun. Did I mention that I started with ritalin 3 years ago?? 🙂


    Well done stormwitch, thats a real achievement, so pleased for you.

    I know how that feels because my ADD cost me my job, they knew I had a cognitive impairment but chose to constructively dismiss me. As an engineer, the confidence I’ve spent 34 years building disappeared in 6 months as the company I worked at pushed me closer and closer to a dismissal situation.


    I am posting a note to myself on my door that is titled EVA Checklist, in honour of Apollo 11. The checklist makes sure that I have everything I need before going out and getting in the car without all the things that I need, like water and car keys and house keys and the address of where I want to go. The checklist is my wife’s idea, to cut down on her exasperation. The title is mine.


    40yr old single Dad of 3 boys whose Mom finally left me 13 months ago yesterday. About 3 weeks deep into an ADHD diagnosis and Adderall treatment (20mgs, twice a day) Today I set up a system to keep me from incessantly texting my ex about every cool thing I read about my condition and want to share with her (pick up any book about ADD-ruined relationships for a peek into our diary.) I set up an email specifically for her to ignore. This way I can self-stimulate by sharing without blowing up her phone. Maybe one day she will read one of the blogs or memes and accidentally say something about it, exposing her denial and reluctant acknowledgement that it wasn’t my fault I had no idea how crazy I was making her. I haven’t texted her ALL DAY, sent her just 3 links and I’ve only burst into tears twice! Progress!

    PS. If you’re reading this, just call me so we can talk will ya? I promise not to freak out.


    I know where I want to write the following, but I c an’t figure out for the life of me how to navigate this web site.

    I’ve been in a Canadian hospital for mental illness issues for four months and am about to be released.  But doctors have refused to consider whether I have ADHD – because a number of prominent American doctors have pronounced ADHD as a fictitious diagnosis. Anything to “ADD” to the stigma, I guess.

Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 316 total)
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