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    I have been laughing uncontrollably reading all of these stories. I especially like clamdigger’s story about forgetting she was out with her husband. My husband is always ‘gently’ teasing me about my forgetfulness and/or clumsiness. Every other month, I’m either breaking toes, falling down stairs (or up) and bruising myself, or worse than that, stepping on someone else’s broken toes which is really embarrassing and hard to apologize for.

    I continually lose my car keys and I have a CAA membership just for this reason. Last year, while out of town shopping, I found out that I had used up all the ‘locked my keys in the car’ calls for that year’s billing period. I couldn’t believe my ears when I called and the operator actually told me that I should wait until the beginning of the next month when my subscription renewed, before I called again for this reason. I asked her, ‘what’s the sense in paying for the service if it runs out part way through the year?’ I felt like a little child being scolded by her mother for not being good.

    Also, the guys down at the local garage know me on a first name basis. All I have to do is call the number and tell them my name, and they ask me where I am parked. At least the local service never lets me down, although I live in a small town so I’m probably the hot topic around the water cooler there.

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    Oh too funny all of these!

    I have to add I’ve done the key thing more often than I can remember. My best key story: years ago, I was driving two different cars one week. I ran out of gas with one and locked the keys in the other. The embarrassing thing was that it was the same CAA guy each time. Because the calls were so close together he made a snide remark naturally. Then to top it off, I was out with my mom a few days after that and she locked the keys in her car. Guess which CAA guy showed up?:- )Needless to say we got a lecture from him. However the more I think back on it I don’t know why he made such a big deal since it was his job to bail people out! Anyway, my CAA membership has paid for itself many time over the years.

    But the most embarrassing ever – A while back I got chatting with a neighbor I hadn’t seen in a year or so. He asked me how my husband was and then said, “oh does he still have his beard?” I looked at him totally blank and had to tell him I had no idea! My husband had gone from beard to mustache at one point but dammed if I could remember which it was at the moment :-) I really hope I never have to identify anyone in a police line up!

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    Oh my!

    I usually take public transit, having only gotten my driver’s licence 6 years ago.

    I only need the car once a week.

    Routinely, I have no recollection where I have parked the car At All and come out of Wal-Mart, Costco or Ikea staring at the sea of vehicles and panic!

    That’s on a good day…

    I’ve actually gone to catch the bus, forgetting altogether that I drove there!

    * laugh*

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    I forgot to pick up a friend’s child after school. The child was in first grade. I was reminded durning the day, but still forgot.

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    Alexander Graham Bell forgot his own daughter at the beach…

    For me, if I’m supposed to take it with me, chances are I’ve forgotten it. I’ve gone to birthday parties and left the present behind. I’ve left my keys, wallet, lunch, phone, even my laptop (work was kinda sucky without it for the day!), DVDs I’d borrowed…

    Except my cat. I haven’t forgotten my cat yet!

    @Aerin: Thanks for the link! =D That will be awesome!

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    I flat out forgot to take a final exam at university. Days passed before I suddenly remembered that I forgot to take the exam. I still have no clue how I forgot to do such an important thing after having spent many hours studying for this exam. Wild. I passed the class with a C-. Had I taken the final, my grade would have been better.

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    BTW. Writing things down does not always work. One has to remember to look at said notebook or calendar. Also one has to keep said notebook from getting lost. Note my handle.

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    I have forgotten my car at work and taken public transportation home. EEK!

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    I locked my keys in my car with the car still running and radio actively scanning through the radio stations!!!

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    When I was house sitting, I thought I left my cellphone home . I called my girlfriend frantically. I asked her to please look everywhere for it because I would need it the next day. A few hours passed and my phone rang..It was with me all along.

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    I left for a family vacation–without our dog! My husband was at work; our daughter was at day care. I was home with our dog and supposed to pack up the car (dog included) then pick up my daughter at day care, husband at work and then head off to our cabin in Maine for 2 weeks.

    Our dog–a very energetic, long-haired daschund/German Shephard mix–was a “foundling”. As such, she was always very anxious when folks were packing up the car and would always hanging around by the front door to make sure she wasn’t left behind. Nevertheless, I managed to load up the station wagon sans pooch.

    It wasn’t until I pulled into the day care center’s parking lot and started to lower the windows to keep the car from getting too hot for the dog that I realized: THE DOG!!!

    I raced back home and opened the front door to be greeted by my poor dog who was–by this time–completely *frantic* with separation anxiety. Poor girl…

    I loaded her up; managed to remember to pick up my daughter and showed up to get my husband whereupon I had to explain *again* why I was late *again*.

    Thankfully, the remainder of the trip was without incident. (Our dog died this past summer (at age 16) and I still wonder if she ever forgave me…)

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    I can’t tell you all how healing these stories have been. I am new to this website and only found out about three months ago that I have ADD!

    My whole life I have felt like I was ummmmmm….”different”. I got extremely frustrated with myself because I could never sem to do anything right! And I really thought that something was seriously wrong with me! I am extremely grateful to know whats right with me and that there are others who lose keys cars and concentration just like I do!

    I really can’t name the worse thing I’ve done as i feel that I have done so much without meaning to. But what sticks out to me are the endless documents that I scribbled on during staff mtgs and they were originals.

    I also recall driving to work and realizing I right after getting there that i committed to pick up a co-worker whose house I had passed on my way there. I have forgotten to pick up my younger brother in my earlier years despite reminders.

    I remember the time I had wasted reading all of these books about “How to be organized” and found myself excited about cleaning my office and walking back in days later and thinking that someone was playing tricks on me because it would be in a horrible mess again. Turns out the trick was being played by my mind!

    Hmmmmm…..what comfort one finds when you realize “Its not just me!”

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    Worst ever? I was onstage, in front of 3,000 people, MC’ing a huge concert, introducing the acts, and after working the crowd into a frenzy, I couldn’t remember the name of the famous singer standing in the wings, staring at me, wondering what the problem was…

    Terror. Sheer terror.

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    I can’t even remember all the things I’ve forgotten…

    My Mom’s birthday–that was the worst birthday forgetting, among many.,

    Looking back, I now know my Dad has ADD, so it now makes more sense that he forgot to take me home from church on my birthday, which is also on Christmas! My parents took seperate cars and each thought the other took me home!!

    As a public school teacher, I’ve forgotten several times that I have recess or lunchroom duty. I never understood why my principal repeatedly lectured me about it. I think she must’ve thought it was intentional or that I forgot because I didn’t care. Really?! Who would do that on purpose? It was terribly embarrassing, and I always felt terrible, even cried about it. Oh well, I still forget things, but at least I understand know, and I have learned some ways to compensate.

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    Probably the worst thing I forgot was to pick up my kids and my neighbor’s Kids, from school. Same schedule every week but somehow I got distracted, the phone rings and it’s my daughter, sounding almost teary, asking when i was coming to pick them up! Who forgets to pick up their own kids?!!!

    I had a client call (I work out of my home) to make an appointment for later that same day. A few short hours later I had completely forgotten and left to run an errand. I returned home to find a note on my door to call right away because they were worried something had happened to me — since they had just spoken to me.

    These two things happened in the same week that started me on my journey to discovering what was “wrong with me”.

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