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    Oh my! I just remembered something else that I forgot. Wow, that’s amazing!

    My daughter and son-in-law live on the other side of town so when I go over for a visit I generally stay for an hour or two and make the trip worthwhile. This one particular evening, my daughter was out of town Christmas shopping, and my son-in-law was at home with their three children. The time was about 8:00 so the kids were in bed and he was putting watching movies until his wife returned.

    Just as it happened, I had something to drop off at the house, so I took a quick drive over not intending to stay more than a few minutes and left my car running in the driveway. Upon entering the house, my son-in-law asked me if I’d like a beer. Now, I haven’t drank beer for ages, however, I thought it would be nice to sit, have a drink, and visit. After I finished the first beer, he asked me if I’d like another one, and watch a movie. The movie that we were going to watch was one that I had been waiting to see for a long time, so I quickly agreed to stay.

    About 2 to 2 1/2 hours passed, watching the movie and gabbing, and I really thought I should be getting home as it was late. As I got up I glanced at the front door where I saw car headlights shining through the glass. My son-in-law got up as well and went to the door thinking my daughter must be home from shopping. Upon looking out the door, he appeared to go into a state of shock when he saw that the headlights were coming from my car not hers. All I can say is that I was thankful for a full tank of gas before the movie and the beers started, and that there was enough to get me home that night. I will never ever live this one down as it seems I’m the main topic of conversation whenever anyone asks ‘what’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten?’

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    I am in a constant state of “I know I have forgotten something but I can never think of what it is” Sometimes things comeback sometimes they are gone forever. I can never remember my kids birth dates. I do have a pad sometimes that i write things down on but never seem to be able to find it when I need it. I am never sure how old I am.

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    heh. years ago i forgot i had a son and that he would be coming home from kindergarten. i was out shopping. i did that more than once too.

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    If there’s anything in these stories that I haven’t done yet, I probably will someday…I can totally imagine myself doing any of them! I SO appreciate your stories.

    When I was in high school (20 ish years ago) I was talking to my friend on the phone and I told her I’d come right over to hang out with her. I hung up the phone…and forgot. Completely, absolutely forgot until something jogged my memory several hours later. How do you explain and apologize for that? Since then, I’ve battled with remembering commitments of all types. It’s terrible!

    I keep a planner and have to look at it constantly, but I’ll easily switch around my days and times, or just plain FORGET a minute after looking at it. Meds have helped tremendously, but I think this is one thing I’ll always struggle with.

    I appreciate the humor you’ve all brought to this issue! Especially the husband at the mall story…LOL…I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one who would do something like that!

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    I forgot my daughter…

    She stayed home sick from school & I went into work because I had to get a few things done & I promised I’d call in an hour or two…totally forgot about her until 3:00 when the kids are usually leaving school…

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    Forgot my wife and I’s anniversary…..3 times.

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    I forgot to send a wedding invitation to my sister.

    And she’s officiating.

    In my defense, she lives in the States, so when we put stamps on everything, we put hers aside so we could put US postage on it. And then it got lost.

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    i forgot to write anything… bahaha

    after talking to my doctor, he made an appointment with a specialist in regards to my adhd. to be reassesed and possibly try new meds.

    then missed it!

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    My baby. I was a new mom of 2 weeks. I had to go to the store, and when I pulled out of the driveway, I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. About a block away I suddenly realized: The BABY!! Then I laughed at myself, and told everyone I knew that story!

    This was before I was diagnosed, and I chalked it up to the fact that I wasn’t used to taking anything but my purse with me when I went places. So, maybe that’s all it was. Or….

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    Forgot your baby??!! Oh, that’s a tough one to follow…..

    I had plans to drive from my home in Saskatoon, to Calgary, where I had a little business to attend to, before flying from Calgary to Seattle for a weekend of drumming workshops. After the 6.5 hour drive, stacking my car in the park-n-fly, and approaching the ticket counter, I realized I had forgotten my passport. I phoned a neighbour who retrieved it from my house and then went to the airport to find some kind soul who’d carry the thing to me on a later flight. Later found out that’s against the law. Oops. Caught a later flight to Seattle and got there just in time for registration, yaaa!

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    I forget my accomplishments and keep remembering my failures!

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    @itsallgood25 I do that too.

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    Done most of these things. I forget food in the oven or on the stove or forget to turn them off when we are eating. Middle of the night hubby gets up and the tea towel I had thrown on the burner was smoking. This close to a fire. I have forgotten the dogs outside at -40 and then gone out for the day. I am always losing my keys, bank card ect. The one time I had taken my keys out of my sweater pocket when I was working because it was making my sweater heavy. Put them on the desk at work. Came back from a meeting just before the end of the day, tidied up my desk, saw my keys, made a point of reminding myself not to forget the keys. Got busy doing something else and then headed for the train for home. Get to the train station and start fumbling in all my pockets and my purse looking for the keys to drive home. Watch the bus I need leave. Still searching frantically for the keys. Look in the window of the car to see if I left them in the ignition, on the seat or if they fell to the floor. Call the transit people to see if someone found the keys. Getting pretty panicky at this point. Start walking toward the trains when I remember that I left the keys on my desk. Waited for the next bus, then had to sit on the step outside the house for 2 hours before hubby got home. Another reason I always keep an extra set of keys for both vehicles and the house now in my purse. If I ever lose my purse my life will probably be over.

    Another time I was shopping in a store that doesn’t have a cart. Put the shirt I was going to buy in my left hand. Walked around for a long time and then decided that I might as well give up because I was never going to find anything to buy. Left the store, walked down to the food court to get a drink. Get to the counter and start looking with my right hand in my purse for my money. Can’t find it right away so this calls for a two handed search. Put the shirt from my left hand on the counter and then put my purse on top and start searching in earnest through the purse. Find my money, pay and step back from the counter. The girl says “don’t forget your shirt ma’am” and then I suddenly come out of my fog and realize I had forgotten to pay for the shirt. I grab the shirt and start hurrying back down the mall toward the store. Get back to the store, then hurry to the checkout to pay for the shirt. Then I explain how I had gotten all the way to the food court and didn’t remember that I had it. She just laughed and thanked me for coming back to pay. Not the only time this has happened unfortunately but I always hurry back to pay.

    Just makes me wonder how much retail shrinkage are people like me that don’t want the hassle or embarrassment of going back and paying and admitting they had something that they completely forgot.

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    My personal worst.

    Remember a couple years ago on the news? There was a car left on one of the ferries here in Seattle. This was shortly after 9/11 and people were still nervous about anything out of the ordinary.

    I drove my car on the ferry, drove it off and went to work. I had the car so I could get to an appointment, and actually remembered the appointment. My book of lists helped. After the appointment I got onto the ferry, had to use the restroom, and rushed off the ferry to catch the buss home.

    I was watching the news and they were talking about an abandoned car, which took that ferry out of commission, until they searched the car for a bomb. Then I watched them tow my car off the ferry on the news!

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    So how did you go about explaining that you completely forgot your car and took the bus home.

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