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    LOL – “I lost my (full) grocery cart. In the grocery store. The lady who’s cart i adopted for a while, did not appreciate that I thought her groceries were more interesting than mine. Another time, I left the grocery store and couldn’t find a few items. I searched everywhere for them. As I traced my steps backwards, i realized I’d actually added them to different carts that were in the same aisle as mine. If you come home with mystery groceries, it was me!”

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    @ladythoms Don’t beat yourself up over the past, those who care about you don’t want you to. Learn from it, if possible, and move on. FIDO.

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    I once forgot to take my kids to school. I worked there at the time and was expected in too.

    I also once left my toddler playing in my son’s classroom when I dropped him off, completely forgetting I’d taken him with me.

    Just awful!

    (I also do the shopping cart thing!)

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    Lucky to lose your grocery cart with the groceries!

    I remembered all my groceries, and packed them nicely in the car, then drove off and realized…..I left my toddler son in the cart back at the parking bay!

    My husband who is also ADHD was with me! We both forgot!

    We drove out of the parking lot and were just about to rejoin the traffic when I realized suddenly with a hug jolt to my stomach! And then quickly did a very illegal u-turn! The good thing is no-one seemed to notice! there he was sitting in the cart, seemingly oblivious…

    Lets hope he does not undergo any regressive therapy when he is older! He may not forgive that one….

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    I forgot.

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    I once was so upset about something that I had left a pot on the stove with eggs I had started to boil to go meet a friend and chat. Apparently, the fire department had been there and gone by the time I got back (no fire, just lots of smoke thankfully.)

    More recently, I put away a wedding gift that my husband had custom made for me in a “safe place”. I don’t know where I put it anymore. :( It’s driving me crazy that I don’t remember where that safe spot is yet. I’m resisting the urge to go to town on tearing the house apart to find it.

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    Fantastic. I Love the idea of adding completely inappropriate stuff to people’s shopping carts. I know you didn’t do it on purpose but a great game to make shopping more tolerable and it satisfies that immature ADD streak I have!

    OK I probably wouldn’t dare to but it’s a fun thought.

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    I sometimes talk to myself in funny “accents” so that I can entertain myself at the grocery store. Please tell me I’m not the only one. ;)

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    No DaniV I do too but it has got me into trouble at work a few times by those politically correct souls that think I might offend someone. 😆

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    that list i far to long , but the worst thing to forget when I was working was my glasses. that is a hard thing to make it through a day with out. those days paperwork really sucks ! :oops:.

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    Wow, it’s a strange combination of terror, bewilderment, and laughter reading these and being reminded of so many SERIOUSLY Traumatic things that have happened to me n the people in my life. My neighbor and her care-giver are both like us, I was so happy when I finally got the ADD & Loving it DVD that I couldn’t wait to bring it over and share it with them. Of course when I finally got around to it I couldn’t find it. Searched my apartment for almost 40 dang minutes, gave up cuz I know every time I loose something as soon as I stop looking for it, it just pops up right it front of my face. So I call, tell her, of course she understand n I go visit a while. Within 5 minutes of getting home I glanced over on top of the TV where I suspected I left it. Of course it was there. Accept it somehow slid back and was just barely hanging over the edge of the back of the TV, I donated 70 freaking bucks for that thing to PBS! grrrrr Do you guys sometimes become blinded by the trauma of loosing something important? like it gives us a case of the stupids or something? I remember the ones that make me nut up the most. I’ve filled my place with smoke a couple times. That’s not good when you live alone. Is over reacting part of the scenario for you guys also? I used to do that much more. Reading all this is doing a great job of keeping me from going back into denial about the our little problem. (Our big busy ADD brain)

    I’m starting to wonder about trying a lower dosage of the marinol. (synthetic THC) I used to be convinced that the THC from pot was the reason I was so forgetful. It’s common knowlenge that pot smoking damages short term memory. But I’m wondering how many people here are willing to talk about how much pot they have smoked in the past or do smoke now. All the medication I take destroys my stomach and I almost never have an appetite, the marinol erases my stomach problems, probably because I can take much less of the opiates, maybe that’s what’s killing my apetite. Unfortunately like everything it comes with side affect…I was always forgetful way before I ever smoked weed. I won’t go back to smoking pot, that hurts me too much spiritually, I get disconnected from God, to me that’s The Most important part of my recovery, recovery from everything, life with ADHD mainly. But I’m wondering about going back to the Marinol at a lower dosage because it makes a huge difference with how well the pain medication I take works. The chronic pain from my SCI is extremely distracting, some days I feel like I may go into shock, seriously. It’s a puzzle I’ve been fighting to solve for more years than I want to think about. The biggest problem with all medications is the fact that I seem to build up a tolerance to just about everything. I’m worried that I’ll build up a tolerance to the Ritalin if I get put on a higher dosage today. It feels like an impossible puzzle to solve. And they just changed the doctors at the mental health care part of my GP’s office. So now I may have to start over with a different psychiatrist. MORE HOOPS to hop through! Maybe there should be another thread about all the ridiculous fears we have…

    What a mess. I would give anything to just quit all the dang pills. Even the vitamins, Fish Oil, B-12, Gingko Biloba…. And TUMS, they taste good at least but I’m fed up with keeping track of all the different dang medications.

    Thanks for giving me some great laughs this morning. I just remembered I have to call my GP doctor! so I’m gonna go do that. Cool huh? I have to call on monday morning to see this one cuz he’s the main guy at his practice, so it’s first come first serve on mondays and they only make appointments 2 weeks out. Sucks huh? Maybe they’re just doing that to me because I’ve been late and rescheduled so many times. I just thought about that…

    Do you guys imagine conspiracies against you and feel like you may be paranoid sometimes?

    What a Crap ass mess…. Ack!

    Sorry, have a great day you guys.

    Whelp, instead of editing/proofreading, I stopped and made the call to see my GP doc. couldn’t get an appointment but at least he’s gonna call me. I found out it wasn’t just me being picked on because I’ve been late n rescheduled so many times.

    I’m in that short window of time when the ritalin is in my system and I feel less scrambled, it’s just now starting to really mellow me out. It’s so freaking weird that such a small pill can make me un-crazy. Centered. Almost like it’s too good to be true. And I don’t feel “high” that’s not how I want to feel. I want to feel connected with the rest of the world. And God as I understand him. If any of you guys are into prayer, say one for me about getting the right combination of medications today. To me, God hears us when we’re hoping for something good to happen. That’s a prayer. He know’s my heart, all of our hearts. And he gives us complete freedom, that’s why bad stuff happens to good people. Some of us take that freedom and do awful things with it.

    I’m gonna go get some stuff done while I’ve got some initiative… First and foremost, meditate.

    I forget to keep stuff short… Anyone noticed that about me? LOL

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    Right now it is my cellphone, but I found it. So I don’t know. Probably be my keys. I left them at the movie theater and was locked out of my house. I was around the age of 13 or 14. Just remember walking home from the theater and knocking on my next door neighbors door.

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    I know two people who ended up getting married that way (one person was locked out, and knocked on his friend’s sister’s door)

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    Good topic!

    Two come to mind, but they were sort of mix ups more than forgetting altogether…I just forgot to get the dates right:

    1.) I forgot the date of the final exam for one of my favourite courses in University.

    2.) I forgot the dates of my work conference a few years ago and showed up (on company time / money) on the wrong day. Wow, did I ever have to work to make up for that one.

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    The worst thing I’ve ever forgotten is someone’s name. Now, I do that all the time. But this was a famous singer. And I was onstage introducing this person. In front of three or four thousand spectators.

    The longest 30 seconds of my life.


    Luckily, no one noticed.

    Or at least no one asked if there was a problem.

    Even Ava, who has scene me perform and knows me better than anyone had no idea.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 134 total)
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