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    Hi Jane1,

    You are not the only one who has done that. Just try and develop a routine that will help you to remember to wait. There is a movie called Ever After with Drew Barrymore that my family really enjoyed. In it she and her father had a tradition where he would always stop and wave at the gate as he left the house. I used that tradition when dropping my kids off. I would wait for my kids to wave as they lined up for school. Of course sometimes they wouldn’t because they forgot but at least it prevented me from being distracted in that moment. Maybe something like that will work for you too.


    AKA That Guy With ADHD


    I was looking for my phone and found my slipper in the fridge..

    I often come out in the kitchen and see all the doors open – or the water running 😀


    I locked myself out of the house with the bath running upstairs.

    P.S. I’m sure there have been worse things, but I can’t think of them at the moment

    P.P.S This is my first post! Hello 🙂

    That Guy with ADHD

    Hi Foxglove and welcome to the forum! There is a thread called “Introduction, and Experience” where you can introduce yourself to the community. Enjoy your stay😀

    AKA That Guy with ADHD


    Thanks so much for the welcome, Richard – all done 🙂


    I spent 12-1/2 years as the swing shift maintenance mechanic and first responder at the biggest hospital/teaching university in Portland (Oregon).
    This place has 13,000 people who work there. Like a small city.
    It has LOTS of doors.
    There’s a key ring that weighs four pounds, and carries all the keys to closets, electrical vaults, tele-com room, labs, and EVERYONE’S office in eighteen buildings, except the pharmacies and public safety.
    I lost that ring one night.
    I realized it only half an hour later, but it could be anywhere I have been, and I cover a lot of ground.
    Not a frantic search. More of an instant total insanity search. Main hospital, two research buildings, the school of nursing. Nada.
    If I don’t find these keys, I am SO fired. The Grand Masters, 4 keys that will open 80% of the doors on campus are on that ring.
    In the morning, even if I quit and am gone from here, the three lock Smith’s that work on campus are going to drive to my house, and when they’re done, I’m gonna have more “keyholes” in me than a sieve, and they might incinerate me to make sure.
    I beat my head against the wall, and FINALLY remember that I had to call one of the men in the boiler plant earlier to take me with some heavy tools across campus.
    Go to the boiler plant and search.
    The keys turned up in his truck where they had popped the belt clip I used and fell on the seat.
    Don’t never want to do that again.
    Funny as a rubber crutch, AFTERWARD !


    I thought a physics midterm was on Wed. I showed up for the Tue night lab and everyone was taking the test. Needless to say I was completely unprepared and failed the test. I had to withdraw from the class and retook it the following semester.

    Okay, so it wouldn’t be so bad, except this happens more than it should. Last week I showed up for a physiology lab. Thought we were going to be measuring body fluids. Nope, everybody had 3 copies of their report rough draft except for me. Got two zeros that day. One for not bringing my draft, and the other for not being able to share with my classmates to do a peer-review exercise. I felt blindsided, but apparently we were informed at some point…

    With regards to keeping appointment books – I tried that for a stint, but I kept losing the notepad :-/ I also carried a little book with me and was going to keep really good track of all of my assignents and classes and appointments.. After losing the second little appointment book (in 8 weeks), I remembered why I just don’t even bother >sigh< Writing it on my hand if it’s less than a week away is what still works best

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    Why were you looking for your phone in the fridge? LOL

    But, yeah I try to put things in the fridge that shouldn’t be there too sometimes, so I guess it makes sense 🙂


    I packed my car up with all my possessions the other week and drove off, had a niggling feeling I’d left something behind and found I’d left my laptop on the ground in the parking space.


    I brought ny son to a birthday party at his friends house a day late! I was running late as usual and surprised that there weren’t really any cars in the driveway when we arrived so I’m thinking-wow. Maybe I’m somehow the first mom on the scene. After a few minutes of an unanswered doorbell, I realized that the balloons in the mailbox were deflated, there was empty bottles of bubbles scattered here and there on the lawn and folding tables and chairs up against the side of the house. That and the fact that NOBODY was home!!!!


    I looked and looked for the “hi I’m new here” thread and I could not find… Er, sorry! Hi! I’m new here!

    I think the worst thing I have ever forgotten was…

    One MORNING I popped into kids’ school to drop something off. The PTA gals were in the office organizing and asked if I’d like to lend a hand. Sure! About an hour before the LAST BELL rang the school receptionist came into the office and asked me if I had my dog in the car. O. M. G. Did I forget to mention it was 84 degrees that day? A very concerned parent reported the suffering pooch to the front office and then called the sheriff’s department to break a window because she could tell the dog was in distress. And that she was!! When I opened the hatch my poor dog collapsed!! I had to explain to the sheriff that I had completely forgotten I had my dog in the back of my SUV, while I used every single bottle of water I had in the Costco case I carry (for emergencies, puh!) to re-hydrate her and cool her off. The concerned parent sat in her car and glared at me until I drove off to take my dog to the emergency vet (luckily less than a mile away). I will never forget that… I felt like the biggest heel. Lu, that’s my dog, had a thorough exam at the vet and some intravenous fluids administered for dehydration, but she was ‘OK’. The fact that Lu doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against me and she still gets excited to hop in the car and go breaks my heart still to this day. Talk about unconditional love!! This is the reason I can’t have fish or even rose bushes…


    I’m forever losing my sunglasses on my head, and my car keys have legs I’m sure of it !


    At a large family Christmas party with the inlaws. They do a gift exchange based on age, going from oldest to youngest. I forgot my age. The age I told them was wrong, and Everyone laughed when my husband corrected me and I felt so stupid and embarrassed.


    I forgot my child once (or maybe twice). in my defense, he was only about a month old. I was tired of being in the house so I showered and got dressed to go to the store. grabbed my purse and keys, walked out of the house and locked the door behind me. started the car and started to back out of the
    parking spot. as I turned around to look over my shoulder I saw the carseat and realized that there was supposed to be a baby in there. I ran back in the house and never went to the store. about 30 years later and many, many more “symptoms”, I’ve finally been officially diagnosed. now we’re trying to find a medication that works for me. we’ve tried every dose of Vyvanse and now we’re trying Adderall.

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