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ADHD Parents' Palooza – FREE Registration July 27th – 31st

Parent Palooza 2020!

Parent Palooza ADHD

Ready to be inspired — and for life to get a little easier?

The ADHD Parents’ Palooza explodes online again this year with information, education and rejuvenation — July 27th – 31st

Hosted by my friends and colleagues, Linda Roggli of ADDiva.net and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD.com, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza will improve the way you parent kids with ADHD!

It’s all online and FREE — so you can attend in carpool line, on a commute, or in your pj’s after dinner!

Previous ADHD Paloozas have been smashing successes with more than 7,000 registered.

This year, it’s back to support parents! (I’m speaking on July 29th)

A ground-breaking online event, this summer you’ll get cutting-edge information shared by dozens of worldwide experts including TotallyADD’s Rick Green, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Melissa Orlov, Coach Linda Walker, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, and many more

They’ll be presenting on essential topics for parents of kids with ADHD, such as:

  • ADHD and Neurofeedback
  • Catching Meltdowns Before They Happen
  • ADHD Treatments
  • That Work
  • Homeschooling Tips for Parents Who Never Expected to Homeschool
  • Digital Parenting and ADHD
  • Avoiding COVID Collapse, Mask Misery and the Stay-at-home Blahs
  • Partnering with your Young Adult with ADHD
  • The Added Challenge of Co-existing Conditions
  • Productivity in the Age of Coronavirus

It is an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for parents, with many legends and luminaries.

Join this summer’s Parents Palooza! Find out how your life can improve when you understand the nuances of parenting ADHD.
Move forward with hope, confidence and inspiration, guided by the top experts in the world.

Register by clicking HERE.

Rick Green

Note: Totally ADD is an affiliate of this event and receives a small fee from anyone who decides to purchase year round access to these talks. Purchase is not required to listen to these talks within 24 hours of broadcast.

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