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Adult ADHD


By Team TotallyADD

My ADHD journey started just over three years ago in early 2017. I was having problems at home and at work with, as far as I was concerned, no identifiable reason, I just felt that something had changed in me.

Adult ADHD

I Believe in ADHD! Finding Out You Have ADHD

By Team TotallyADD

Anonymous Guest Blog
Dear Rick, your recent blog about the experience of people dismissing ADHD really struck a chord with me. I am living this experience, it seems, constantly at the moment.
I have ADHD. I am also a doctoral researcher…

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Bright & Quirky Child Summit

By Team TotallyADD

The Bright and Quirky Child Summit is a FREE 5-Day event, bringing together 29 top educators and psychologists to pinpoint the exact challenges your child is experiencing and share science-informed, actionable strategies you can use right away.

Adult ADHD | Rick | Tools, Tips & Tricks | TotallyADD Blog

De-cluttering and Procrastination

By Team TotallyADD

By Rick Green
Which aspect of your ADHD do you dislike the most? Which trait, or if you prefer, ‘symptom’, does the most damage?
It’s a valuable question to ask. For several reasons.
One payoff for identifying the trait that undermines you the most? It requires you to focus, and you won’t drown in good intentions, trying to manage every symptom at once. (A recipe for overwhelm as I found out after when first diagnosed.)
Another payoff? Mastering the bugaboo that most sabotages you…

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Tips For Teaching Kids With ADHD

By Team TotallyADD

The beginning of school is a huge transition for everyone involved, but especially for children who have ADHD. As teachers of children with a range of attention difficulties, we’d like to share with you some strategies we use to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

Adult ADHD | TotallyADD Blog

10 Fast Facts on Sleep Deprivation

By Team TotallyADD

Sleep.  Ah, glorious sleep.  According to my FitBit I actually got well over the recommended 8 hours of  sleep… once in the last two weeks.  If I add in the naps I take, I’m probably getting 8 hours at least twice a week.  Today was the first day since New Years that I was up before 8:00.  My alarm normally goes off at 7:10 and I’m doing yoga by 7:20.  Usually.  Ideally.  Mostly.