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Does Everyone Have ADHD?

By totallyaddauthor

“Everyone is ADHD. It’s the internet and smart phones.” 
“These days everyone is ADD.”  
“Yeah, everyone thinks they have it.”
Uh… No! Sorry, friend, but the whole world is NOT suddenly suffering from Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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Emotional SENSITIVITY – A Small Trigger Sets Off a Huge Explosion

By totallyaddauthor

Before I understood my ADHD, when I’d make small mistakes and they were pointed out, I’d often brush them off, miffed, ‘Whatever! You get the point.’ I felt like, ‘I’ve created the Mona Lisa for God’s sake, who cares if the frame has a chip in it!? Nitpickers! Critics! Complainers!’ By the way being ‘overly sensitive’ and ‘prone to drama’ are very common for many of us.

Adult ADHD | Rick | TotallyADD Blog

I Made a Documentary About ADHD

By totallyaddauthor

“What is the purpose of your trip, business or pleasure?”
“What kind of business?”
“I made a documentary about ADHD in adults, you know, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it’s airing on PBS! So I’m traveling from station to station to talk about the program on air.”
“… You made a what?”
“A documentary…