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‘Reward Deficiency Syndrome’? 

By totallyaddauthor

Have you ever heard the term ‘Reward Deficiency Syndrome’? From what I understand, it came out of research by Dr. Kenneth Blum and others. They were searching for a specific genetic glitch that might increase the risk of alcoholism.
They understood that something as complex as an addiction can not be caused by any single gene, but the one gene being studied did seem to increase the risk…


Chatting at CHADD With Some Amazing People

By totallyaddauthor

We are back home after a week in San Francisco. 4 days were spent at the CHADD conference speaking with some legendary figures and conducting 19, count them, 19 interviews. We hired a great local crew and taped some powerful stuff. At some points, our hotel suite was almost like the waiting room of a doctor’s office, only it was full of doctors, waiting to be interviewed…

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By totallyaddauthor

We’re off to see the Wizard. Actually the Wizards. The Wizards of ADHD.
Russell Barkley, Ned Hallowell, Rosemary Tannock and dozens more.
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who have or deal with ADHD are coming together this week…