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A Body Double Helps You Zip Through Paperwork

By Linda Walker - ADHD Coach

Have you ever thought it would be fun to have a body double? In Hollywood, actors use body doubles to appear in films with six-pack abs and tight, firm bodies without eating anything but seaweed and grapefruit while working out five hours a day. Less popular politicians and dictators also use body doubles, but in that case, it’s because people are out to get them.
Imagine if you had your own body double…

Rick | TotallyADD Blog

I Got Rhythms… I Just Never Noticed

By totallyaddauthor

Had an interesting experience a few days back. My energy was up, I was workin’ away, and then my energy flagged a bit… and then went up a bit… and then (sound of slide whistle going down) THUD!
Suddenly, it’s like I’m 88 years old. Falling asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon, while reading. And what was I reading?…