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The Good, The Bad, And The ADHD

Alan Brown, the nimble mind behind ADDCrusher takes a no-nonsense look at the smart, healthy ways of dealing with ADHD, versus the dangerous, destructive, or dumb. Alan will talk about two kinds of medication: Proper, prescription medication, versus unconscious, unregulated self-medicating. There are two kinds of addictions: Destructive (gambling, shopping, cocaine, etc.) versus Constructive (Devoted to progress, new challenges, and helping others). And there are two kinds of risk-taking: Headstrong and reckless, versus head-clearing challenges. Alan has lived both sides, the lows and the highs. His intense honesty and deep kindness is bracing. His true tales will have you in tears. Warning, an hour with Alan, a guy who races motorcycles at 170 miles per hour in his spare time, promises to be a wild ride.
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