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What if I had known about my ADHD earlier?: How a visit with your past self can propel you forward.

Dr Laura MacNiven

When you are diagnosed with ADHD for the first time in adulthood, there is a lot of history to work through. You question why some things went one way, and why others went another. And even, why some things didn’t “go” at all. 

I get it. For me, I didn’t realize I had symptoms of ADHD until I was late into my twenties. 

I didn’t know why:

I could do things that were “hard”, but not things that were “easy” (or seemed easy to others). 

I couldn’t do my work until the very last minute (when I was out of time). 

I often focused on the needs of others before my own (even if it was detrimental to me).

I put unnecessary stress on myself and those around me when it came to deadlines. 

By learning about ADHD and me,

I have become a happier person. 

I have found a more peaceful way to be. 

I know first hand the power of understanding your unique brain style.

In order to get there, though, I had to go backwards before I could go forwards. I had to learn more about me from a long time ago, in order to define my authentic self now.

Do I have you interested? Take 12 minutes to yourself. Hit a coffee shop, or find a spot where you feel relaxed and able to focus. Maybe even go for a walk.  

Grab a pen and paper or open the notes section in your phone…

Write a letter to yourself at a pivotal point in your past.

Perhaps you are eight years old and starting to have challenges in school or heading off to university, or beginning a new stage in your career. Speak to your past self with an awareness of what you now know, and think about what it would have meant to know this information then. Be gentle. The goal here is to find clues about your true self, outside of ADHD, that will guide you along your journey. 

What did your past self teach you about your “now” self? 

Perhaps you can make peace with hurts of the past, or maybe there is someone you want to talk to, in order to feel better. Do this process your way.

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