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Straight Answers

What helps ADD, what doesn't & why.

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Watch this videoThe Holistic Solution to ADHD – Trailer

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Rick's Rants

Rick shares his ADD tinted thoughts

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Watch this video1Why Do You Want It?

Watch this video2The Interesting Secret to Planning and Organizing with ADHD – Part 2

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Watch this video4The Interesting Secret to Planning and Organizing with ADHD – Part 1

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Ask an Expert

Your questions on ADHD, answered.

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Bill's ADDventures

A lighter look at ADHD with Rick Green

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Watch this videoThe Marketing Call

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Watch this videoWet Paint Signs

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Treating ADHD vs ADD

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Watch this video

Why Do You Want It?

New Video
Watch this video

The Interesting Secret to Planning and Organizing with ADHD – Part 2



What Is It?

Get all the basic facts about ADD


Getting Diagnosed

Steps to take if you think you have ADHD


The Emotional Journey

Riding the Rollercoaster of ADD


Mastering your ADD

Take Charge and Get in Control