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  • Rick's new blog

    Emotional Sensitivity - A small trigger sets off a huge explosion

    I want to talk about Emotional Sensitivity. Over-Reacting.  Specifically, how one small setback can cause a huge explosion… of sadness.

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  • ADD & Mastering it! - SALE

    20% off DVD or Download

    As seen on PBS! Master your ADHD!! Patrick McKenna and Rick Green demonstrate 36 tricks and tools they use to succeed.

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  • Free Video - Rick Green

    Have Your Feelings. Don't Let Your Feelings Have You.

    As I get older, I find it hard to listen to certain kinds of songs.  Love songs mostly.  The ones about, “I Can’t Live Without You.” Sounds romantic.  But really, that’s what stalkers say.  I mean, think about...

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  • This Quiz Nails It!

    How do you score?

    ADHD? Me? Take the test!

    At last! Our new ADHD quiz. It’s the funniest finest ADHD Test in the universe. We think.

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