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Unofficial ADHD Quiz

What a hoot! Take this ADHD quiz and end up learning a ton about ADD (or ADHD) .

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Symptoms of ADD

Note that everyone has some of the ADD symptoms, the difference for adults who have ADHD is that they are ruining multiple areas of their life.  One car crash?  Maybe it was bad luck or not your fault.  Five car crashes?  Look into Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADHD Test?

Not an ADHD test, only a doctor can administer a test, this is a quiz.


ADD Quiz

Welcome to the TotallyADD.com unofficial ADHD test for adults. (DO NOT KEEP SCORE)
During this test you will be asked to keep your own score giving yourself one point for each yes. Does that sound like far too much work? give yourself one point. The more points you have the more likely it is that you have ADHD. Obviously this is not intended as a proper medical diagnosis (THE POINTS DON’T MATTER) it is designed for adults who may have wondered, but are not really sure, what ADHD is and of course for those of us who already know we have ADHD and just like seeing all the different ways that it messes with us.
If you missed what I just said and so you plan to give yourself a point for every question because you think there’s a prize for the highest score (POINTS DON’T MATTER) give yourself a point.
If you’re going to give yourself zero points just because “you’re not the boss of me!” you might want to take a test for oppositional defiant disorder.
You can track your score with a pen and paper. If you instantly decided “that’s too much bother I’ll just remember” give yourself one point.
Are you thinking I’m taking too long? give yourself one point.
Give yourself a point for each time you lose track of what I’m saying, and bonus points for actually going off and doing something else altogether and then coming back a week later and finding this quiz is still there on your screen.
One of the symptoms of ADHD is interrupting, if you tend to interrupt people give yourself a point.
If you don’t interrupt people but get very enthused about things you’re thinking of and you just have to tell everyone and you blurt it out if you don’t blurt it out now you’re just going to forget it that’s interrupting. Give yourself two points, one for interrupting and one for poor self-assessment.
Many ADHD adults are not good at self-assessment. If you think you are really good at self-assessment give yourself two points because the people who rate themselves highly for self-assessment are actually the worst at self-assessment which is why they assess their self-assessment skills so high.
How many jobs have you had in the past three years? One point for each new job or contract up to a maximum of 48 points.
If you cut all the tags off your clothes because they drive you nuts give yourself a point. When you find socks or underwear that don’t bug you do you buy a 10-year supply? Two points, because ADHD can also be about sensory and emotional regulation.
When I said emotional regulation did you “What? oh my god what?! What?!” give yourself a point and a chill pill.
If you’ve ever been worth several million dollars and now live with your mom give yourself two points. Have you ever thought about robbing your bank rather than waiting three minutes for the old lady who’s ahead of you at the ATM? Give yourself a point.
If you actually started going “ahem ahem” to the old lady give yourself a bonus point.
If you can do a week’s worth of food shopping in seven minutes give yourself a point.
If it’s all unhealthy stuff because you forgot your shopping list for that new healthy diet you were just going to start give yourself one more.
If you shop in the middle of the night because there’s no lineup and it’ll save you three minutes give yourself a point.
If you pace while you’re on the phone give yourself a point.
If you get up and pace during meetings give yourself another point. If you walked and paced during a wedding give yourself a point. If it was your wedding two points.
If you’re starting to fade give yourself a point and a protein bar. We can be enthusiastic but have trouble sustaining interest and protein actually helps.
If you would drive 300 miles out of your way to avoid a slowdown in traffic give yourself two points.
Do you feel like small talk is boring and you just want people to get on with it? Do you feel the same way about foreplay? Are you no longer listening? Give yourself two points. Hello? two points?
If you’re still watching but you also put on a cat video give yourself six points and maybe buy a cat.
Do you tend to say yes to every new idea or a project and then realize you can’t possibly fit it in and feel bad that you said yes and then hope they forget?
one point for every time you’ve thought I should use protection.
If you drive like a maniac to get to a job you hate give yourself a point.
If you think you’re a better driver when you speed give yourself a point if other people agree you are a better driver when you speed give yourself three points because we can hyper focus with Adrenalin. In fact are you a cop firefighter military person journalist flight crew inventor salesperson professional athlete emergency responder entertainer stock market trader or entrepreneur? three points.
If you’ve read the official list of ADHD symptoms and thought “this is just normal” give yourself five points maybe six.
Are you always busy doing doing and never finish what matters? Have you purchased more than five books on organizing? 5 books on procrastination? bonus points if you haven’t read any of them yet. Give yourself one point for every time you’ve procrastinated on something of vital importance in the past hour.
Do you accomplish dozens of things on your to-do list every day but never get to the big one that really matters? Does your to-do list include eat breakfast get dressed brush teeth because you might forget but mostly because you love checking things off. Do you then avoid brushing your teeth because it’s boring and it takes two whole minutes? Give yourself one point for every hobby you’ve picked up or business you’ve started in the past year to a maximum of thirty points.
If you keep missing some of what I’m saying give yourself a point or (YELLS) turn up the volume! Are you interested but kind of yawning? give yourself one point, fading and tired give yourself two points, sound asleep already have someone else give you three points. By the way while you’re sleeping that person is using your phone to send rude messages to your loved ones. If you think that’s really funny and you want to do that to someone else now give yourself a point and a slap on the wrist.
If your microwave oven often contains forgotten coffee snacks or meals that you were reheating give yourself two points. If you often have three coffees drinks snacks or chat windows going at the same time one point. If you have three or more relationships going at the same time three points. If you were like this your whole life give yourself three points if you were not like this your whole life get checked out for depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, or ask someone who knew you way back then as a child.
Remember poor self-assessment? and we also have memory problems. Do you hate smoking but you’re just too agitated without nicotine? Give yourself one point for every time you’ve seriously wondered if you have Alzheimer’s in the past month.
Do you notice little things that people miss? Count the number of books you’recurrently reading one point four five or more two points four eight or more three for 12 or more.
Give yourself a point for every report card that says you’re smart but you need to try harder.
Do you constantly feel like you’re underachieving and that you have this potential but for some reason you just… five points.
If you read books from the middle outwards and in all directions give yourself a point.
Do you hate haircuts because it means you have to sit for 20 minutes and do nothing and then the hairs falling down your neck are like rusty nails?
Do you start things with enthusiasm and good intentions and then it’s kind of and it’s there’s a problem and it’s you got to discuss and it’s just it it’s (SIGH) oh look!!! Are you an impulsive shopper? impulsive eater? Impulsive speaker? impulsive flirter? do you tend to overdo things and then end up burned out or physically injured?
Easily upset but then it quickly passes one point.
Big issue for ADHD and anger relationship killer for sure we have videos in our shop. Speed dyslexia give yourself one piton.. uh, point.
Is the kitchen a complete mess after you make one bowl of cereal? You find your clean clothes in the hamper because actually hanging them up a lot of work. Never made your bed?
Great at figuring out some new project and then bored within five minutes of actually starting the work? Do you love new jobs,
new hobbies, new romances, new anything? Has this led to a lot of impulsive purchases?
Have they led to a lot of clutter? Are you often multitasking even though you never set out to multitask perhaps you start by deciding to do a load of hot laundry you notice the laundry basket is still broken you end up at the mall to get a new basket you see a sale you get distracted you arrive home with a snowblower and notice the load of laundry needs doing and you need
a new basket.
Give yourself a point for every appointment or meeting or event you’ve forgotten in the past week. Do people come to you for creative ideas give yourself a point.
If you never realize that this is a strength and you assumed everyone can pour out one idea after another give yourself three points.
Do you find that every task you take on from tidying the kitchen to finishing a report takes way longer than you guessed? and way longer than it takes anyone else?
If your family thinks you’re weird give yourself a point. If you think your family is dull and boring give yourself a point? If your friends don’t think you’re weird because they’re weird too give yourself a pat on the back and one for your friends.
(Loud Music) When you’re in a bar or at a party do you find it hard to understand what other people are saying and get distracted easily?
Listen to the following phrases give yourself one point every time you react like this. Staff meetings (Screaming), someone else’s long story (Screaming) , Facebook postings with more than two sentences (Screaming) a budget (Screaming) regular routine jobs, nine to five, meditation classes (Screaming) Really scary horror film, walking slowly with a group of people.
Do you drink more than five coffees or caffeinated sodas in one day? and yes Mountain Dew has more caffeine than coke.
Do you arrive early or stay late at work because it’s quiet and you can actually focus? Do you do much better when you’re given one quick task after another rather than this whole project to figure out and organize and oh and ugh and oh…
Do you sometimes feel like a failure? Do you always feel like a failure?
Are you easily distracted by sounds lights or people around?or look cows! Are you distracted by thoughts and ideas inside
of you? When you’re on are you alive, alert, fun, interested, talkative, eager, energized? and then suddenly you feel beat and drowsy and you just want to have a nap and you just wish everyone would go home and they’re still here…
Do you zone out in the middle of a long sermon? a long lecture? a long sentence?
Do you invent a different organizing system every week? Are you always late and have no idea why (ALARM RINGS)
Does your weekly to-do list contain four months worth of stuff?
If you’ve noticed that people often ask sorry are you listening to me? give yourself a point. If you think you maybe someone asked are you listening to me but you’re not sure because you weren’t really listening give yourself a couple of bonus points (YELLS) a couple of bonus points for not listening.
Do you use the shape filing system S.H.A.P. Stacks Heaps And Piles everywhere give yourself two points?
Do you actually read the instructions that come with things take away 30 points. Would you rather have your accountant steal all your money than have to sit and listen to how to file your taxes and invest wisely and track your spending? Are you behind in your taxes give yourself one point and a bonus point for every year that you are behind in filing your taxes.
When there’s a change in your plans at the last minute are you aah-ha but when things are unfolding just as planned do you feel the need to change it up or have a little more just to make it interesting? Do you check social media while talking to a co-worker? Do you ever narrate what you’re doing when you’re alone? Alright making the eggs, getting the eggs cracking the egg dropping it in
stirring the egg.
Do you eat carefully during the day and then at night it’s anything and everything? You don’t just shop til you drop you do everything until you suddenly hit the wall and..
Have you ever pulled a phone off a desk because you were pacing while you talked? If you’re going buggy right now and you want to
get up and dance give yourself one point and get up and dance. You find it much easier to pay attention if you’ve got something to fiddle with give yourself two points.
Have you ever applied for a membership to something and then discovered you’re already a member?
Do you have tons of great ideas on how to get rich, be happy, change the world, get healthy, give yourself one point for
every 100 great ideas that you’ve had today. Do you have one password for everything and you still forget what it is? because it’s your birthday..
Are you easily distracted? Give yourself one squirrel. Do you work best under pressure
last minute but it drives everybody else around you nuts?
Does that last 5% of a big project take about 90 percent of your willpower?
Does your handwriting look like a five-year-old did it give yourself a
scrawly point. Half a point for every report card that had the phrase, below
your potential, or fails to pay attention, or disruptive, or can’t keep hands to
themselves. Do sweaters set your skin on fire? do neckties feel like they’re
choking you? Do you wear steel-toed shoes around the
house because you keep stubbing your toe? Do you wear slip-ons because tying your
shoelaces takes too long? Do all of your lace-up shoes have broken backs because
you never bother to sit down and tie them up properly you just jam your foot
in and wiggle it and wiggle it? Have you ever wondered if you might have an
addictive personality? Do you feel like everybody else knows something some
secret that allows them to do these routine tasks that take hours? Bonus
points if you actually feel kind of sorry for them. Did you earn pretty good marks
in school with minimum effort kind of under the radar? or did you do really
well in school but sensed yeah you probably could have done better?
Are people who behave a complete mystery to you? Give yourself a point for every car
accident you’ve had bonus points if they were at very low speed. Do you like to go
fast when you walk, talk, drive, eat? Do spicy foods overwhelm you (Scream)? Do people who
spend time perusing the menu and thinking about it make you crazy?
Give yourself three points for every divorce, give yourself two points for each
bankruptcy, one point for each hat gloves scarf or umbrella you’ve lost in the
past month. Two points for losing a jacket, cellphone, or shoe.
Are you spending more time on video games than at school or work? Are you awesome at
jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit but can’t remember the names of family members?
Do you know what you should be doing what you want to do you know how to do it and
why it’s so important and yet you’re still not doing it not getting to it?
Give yourself 35 points. Find it hard to relax and fall asleep and murder to wake
up? Can you, if you like if you want to, talk about an exciting idea that and you
go like three minutes but you’re and you never because you just you can’t even
finish one, because you just it’s so and people and somebody has ADD they can
follow right they and they get that’s what you’re talking but you never
actually finishes a set one single because you don’t.. Have you
ever almost wet your pants because you were so focused on what you were doing?
2 bonus points if you didn’t get there in time. Give yourself a point if you
think it would be fun to go bungee jumping, parachuting, go into space, blow
stuff up, pull off a dangerous rescue, be on stage, fly a jet fighter. Can you talk
with someone at a party for an hour and learn nothing about them? Is the 1-800
phone number to cancel lost credit cards on your speed dial? Do you doodle a lot?
bonus points if you’ve ever doodle during a long play, a long childbirth,
a long funeral. Did you often daydream in school even when the class was
interesting? Give yourself three points for every college degree you are just
one credit short of completing. Can you read an article 5 times and still not
remember what it said? Ever get halfway through a book or a movie and realize
I’ve seen this before. Do you actually focus better with music
radio or a video playing? People claim you’re lazy and don’t apply yourself or
you don’t try hard enough! Do you worry that maybe they’re right? Have you
started working on a dozen novels, quilts, paintings, collections, musical
instruments? Jack of all trades master of none and you’re cool with that. Does the
counter in your bathroom look like someone dumped boxes of old cosmetics to sort through.
Has anyone ever called you a chatterbox, space cadet, daydreamer?
Never bored because there’s always a party in your head? Can you retell
someone else’s story and make it nine times more interesting? Do you find you
never really cut to the chase but you wish other people would?
Do you frequently admonish yourself with I probably shouldn’t have said that?
Do other people tell you that you probably shouldn’t have said that?
Are you more comfortable with animals because people are really hard to figure
out? One point for each emergency room visit you’ve had. Did your parents
actually have you on one of the leashes that look so awful but probably
saved your life? When the pressures on are you great? Are you creative? Are you
loyal? adventurous? risk-taker? If you’re thinking “disorder now I’m just a chip
off the old block my parents were like this” give yourself 10 points, because
ADHD is highly heritable. If someone has suggested that you might try meditation
and your reaction was (Scream). Give yourself one point for each inch your jaw dropped.
If you now have a score of 100 or more but still really kind of doubt you have ADHD
give yourself another 500 points. Now take your piece of paper and put it
aside because you’ll add it up later and you do break and don’t worry you’ll find
the paper again in six months and then you’ll look at the numbers and have no
idea what it is. Welcome to my TotallyADD.com world. If you now want to learn
more about ADHD and how to get a proper diagnosis and then manage and even
master it ,check out our videos on tools and tips, sleep, medication, holistic
strategies, parenting, relationships, ADHD and anger, emotional and physical
oversensitivity, cannabis, college and university, careers, Elementary & high
school, disclosing and dealing with people who don’t believe you have ADHD
or don’t think ADHD is a thing. www.TotallyADD.com
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