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  1. OMGosh Rick, this feels like a never-ending generous multi-pointary quiz. Funny as heck but can I have a 1000000 pt bonus for sticking it out til the end?

    1. Thanks! I ran it by a couple of the doctors on our Professional Advisory Board and they loved it, but as one pointed out, “You cover it well. But as a Clinician, I wish you’d include numbers or rates that these symptoms occur.” But then I pointed out that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the standard reference for mental health issues, lists 18 symptoms, and keeps using the word, “Often…” As in “Often loses things…”

  2. @wiredonjava, you deserve at least that many points. And possibly a vacation in a quiet, tropical hideaway. Glad you found it funny. We giggled as we made it. And Ava thought maybe we should do a shorter version. Maybe we will. But then that’s a big part of the joke…

  3. Hey there ! I would like to know if, as a teenager (I’m 15) the test applies to me. I just passed your test and there was only one question where I answered “NO” But maybe it’s because I’m a teenager ? But I still think I work differently from the others.

    (And sorry if I made any faults, I’m an French who learn English)

    1. @aeldoh, if you answered yes to all but one… I would say it applies. Mais je ne suis pas un doctor. (Et mon francais est terrible.)

      Most of us come into the world wired this way, with a propensity to these traits. It’s very genetic, almost as heritable as height.

      So I would definitely look further into it. Because I would have scored high when I was a teenager. And a young adult. And in midlife…

      Bon chance, mon ami!

  4. This is the funniest stuff. I actually paused it to share it on FB: “I wonder if I get a point for stopping in the middle of this video to post this…” When I turned the video back on I actually earned 3 points for that LOL

  5. When I watched this the first time for some stuff I was was like, “Hmm….do I do that?” But now, whenever I find myself doing stuff I saw in this test, I’m all like “Omg I’m doing it again…!”

  6. Outstanding!
    Laughed insanely.
    I saw me, half my family, a good friend and my wife’s, uh, relative by marriage.
    Lost the point count immediately, and was pacing by the end.
    Great work, Rick, and again, thank you for starting it all.

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