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Make Holiday Shopping Less Stressful

By totallyaddauthor

Ah, holiday traditions. Every year, the familiar customs, gatherings, and celebrations.

Every year, seeing family… the cousin who always breaks something valuable.  The uncle who tells everyone what’s wrong with this country. The sister-in-law who knows ADHD is crap and you just need to try harder.

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Hyper Holiday

By totallyaddauthor

The end-of-year, crazy-making, crowd-crushing, high-pressure, time-sucking, energy-sapping, hysteria-causing holidays are here. Forget celebrating. How about surviving? Rick has a suggestion.

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By totallyaddauthor

“I don’t believe in ADHD.”  
“Isn’t that just a big Pharmaceutical scam?”
“It’s just the internet.”
You’ve probably heard stuff like this. Probably again and again.  You may be sick of hearing it.