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Make Holiday Shopping Less Stressful

By totallyaddauthor

Ah, holiday traditions. Every year, the familiar customs, gatherings, and celebrations.

Every year, seeing family… the cousin who always breaks something valuable.  The uncle who tells everyone what’s wrong with this country. The sister-in-law who knows ADHD is crap and you just need to try harder.

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Hyper Holiday

By totallyaddauthor

The end-of-year, crazy-making, crowd-crushing, high-pressure, time-sucking, energy-sapping, hysteria-causing holidays are here. Forget celebrating. How about surviving? Rick has a suggestion.

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A Different Kind Of New Year's Resolution

By totallyaddauthor

At this point, we’re well into the New Year. This year seems to be as turbulent as any other year. And I assume with all that’s going on – in politics, the weather, celebrity scandals, and your family – one can be forgiven for letting one’s New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside. If you haven’t forgiven yourself, please do so now.
Studies have shown that very few of us stick to our resolutions…

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Is Father's Day Passe?

By totallyaddauthor

Ever wonder why the news is so depressing and alarming?
How much is the actual events, the facts, and how much is the way it’s presented?
And by presented I mean skewed, hedged, shaded, edited, colored, highlighted, distorted, misrepresented, misinterpreted, and deformed.