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Adult ADHD

Scaffolding and Managing ADHD

By J. Russell Ramsay

Scaffolding typically refers to those temporary wooden and steel structures outside of buildings while they are under construction or undergoing repairs or upkeep, such as getting a fresh paint job. These mini-towers give workers firm footing while they are doing their jobs, and are removed when the project is done. Scaffolding is a term also used when discussing the management of ADHD

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By totallyaddauthor

In my previous Blog I noted, somewhat awkwardly, that knowing I have a place for my car keys doesn’t mean they’re always there. Or, when life gets nuts, even mostly there. For example, ahem, I’ve had to borrow Ava’s key for the past two weeks. Not the end of the world. And yet, as I noted in the previous blog, it can fee like it. ADHD can be such a pain. Knowing what’s going on doesn’t automatically prevent me from making the same mistakes over and over again. And again.

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A Body Double Helps You Zip Through Paperwork

By Linda Walker - ADHD Coach

Have you ever thought it would be fun to have a body double? In Hollywood, actors use body doubles to appear in films with six-pack abs and tight, firm bodies without eating anything but seaweed and grapefruit while working out five hours a day. Less popular politicians and dictators also use body doubles, but in that case, it’s because people are out to get them.
Imagine if you had your own body double…