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The Power of Connecting to Community

As I write this, it’s Wednesday, July 24th, 2:46 pm. 

It’s just over an hour until our second live online chat with TotallyADD patrons.

We held our first live chat on July 9th, as a kind of test run. We sent out one message to patrons with the date, time, and password to log in.

We kept the password simple, it was: LetMeInOrI’llHoldMyBreathUntilITurnBlue392750238495$%@957(;,dRBIRle394nd9^mekdkWTF**OMG*TopSecret55555585555555@wabbawabba-baroomba-DoYouWantFriesWithThat?-Yes,always.IlikeTurtles.

There were nine of us on the chat.  There would have been 10, but we weren’t sure our internet service would handle two of us on the call, so my wife Ava sat nearby, messaging with our in-house wizard and Customer Support Human, David Riddles. 

David was online from his home, standing by in case things crashed, exploded, or suddenly took down the internet!

What Matters To You?

We will be doing these chats regularly, and the conversation will be guided by our patrons questions.  Which is why, in the “Welcome and Thank You” video I create for each new patron, I always ask, “What would you like me to cover?  What would make the biggest difference for you?  What’s the biggest thing that’s missing?”

When the live chat began I was pumped, ready to answer questions on whatever came up.  I was NOT disappointed.  There were some really sharp questions, generating some helpful answers and suggestions from me and other participants.  

In upcoming chats, we’ll make sure patrons have an opportunity to share their solutions, strategies, or ideas as well.  Cause I don’t know everything…I just act like it.  

On August 1st, we’ll be sharing ideas on Time Management and Prioritizing Tasks, two topics that I’m going to suggest are one.

Technically, that first chat was terrific.  The chat window was active with questions, funny comments, and helpful suggestions. 

The Biggest Surprise

What neither Ava nor I expected was a question from Diane, who has been a huge supporter.  She asked, “What do you need from us, the patrons? How can we help what you’re doing?”

Her offer to help was so unexpected I stumbled to answer, “Uh, liking and sharing videos, posting reviews on stuff in the shop that helps you, uh…”

Then Steven, another participant explained that he has some expertise in online communities. It turned out he’s been following us for years and lives about an hour away.  We’ve already had a couple of great conversations in which he’s asked some really good questions that have us thinking about things we hadn’t considered.

It seemed like everyone on the call wanted to know how they could help raise our profile.  Several people said that they didn’t have a question, but they did want to talk about the difference TotallyADD has made for them, and their loved ones.  The stories were so moving.

The offers and the acknowledgements were totally unexpected.

When the chat ended I went to the kitchen to refill my water glass.  Ava found me watching the Brita filter gurgling away with tears in my eyes.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing… People want to help.  I keep forgetting that…”

I was so moved by people offering support for David, Ava, and I.  And for everyone who is helped by what we’re doing, beyond supporting us as patrons

That’s when I realized we’re building an ADHD community, connecting people from all over the world.

What more could anyone ask for?  

As I write this blog, it’s almost time for our second chat with patrons.  I am so excited! I love this community!

Here are the details for my next live chat with patrons:

Thursday, August 1st at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time 

To sign up, click here and join the TotallyADD Patreon community at whatever level works for you. Details about the live chat will be posted in Patreon.

Already a patron?  Check your email for the link and password to log in.

We’ll send it to you a reminder a few hours before the event. 

Patreon Live

P.S.  As I finish this blog, it’s now 5:30 pm.  The second chat is over, and it was even better than the first.  Tim from England asked about overcoming procrastination, and we covered a bunch of cool strategies.  Some very moving sharing.  And some good laughs, as always. 

See you on August 1st!

P.P.S.  I just found out that TotallyADD.com has visitors from 184 countries.  It’s truly a global community!

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