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11 Responses to “ADD & Mastering It!”

  1. ebann says:

    @ the last comment… Dont be such a victim dude. Its pretty naive to think something like this would be free. It costs money to film documentaries. Lighting and camera rentals, crew rentals. Flying in and housing experts and interviewees. Hiring researchers, taking months off work to write scripts, building sets. keeping a huge bandwith website server running, paying 30 staff members, printing books, etc etc etc. God forbid they would want to create a company and actually be able to live in a house or buy food. What have you done besides whined on the internet?

    whos going to pay for all of that? were not all as lucky as little kids like you that hve mommy to buy us cookies when baby gets hungry.

    your totally clueless and your lucky you didn’t post your real name because it would be pretty embarrassing haha.

    once you get back from lala land you can try to figure out how the real world works. Perhaps if you got a job you could afford a $20 dvd like the rest of society.

  2. 123456789z says:

    More like ADD and capitalizing off of it. If you really wanted to help people suffering from ADD all your documentaries would be available for free download

  3. Madelena says:

    Thank you guys for making this video. I’m in California and PBS aired ADD & Mastering it at 4 am so we had to record it in order to watch it. Hopefully one day PBS will play it on prime time so more people can watch it. Once again thank you for showing the positive side of ADHD and for helping people like myself learn and laugh about our own struggles. :)