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ADD Stole My Car Keys



Life with ADHD – My Husband Makes Me Crazy – Video

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It’s been said that many ADHD adults are kind-hearted, generous, eager to please, and fiercely loyal when they are appreciated, understood, and acknowledged. The challenge for their partners and colleagues comes in trying to understand, “What were you thinking?”

It may seem like the ADHD person is thoughtless. The opposite is true. They are actually so overwhelmed by thought, with so much going on in their heads, that they fail to notice what’s going on around them. They unwittingly leave a trail of destruction or chaos in their wake. And never notice.

It’s not selfishness. You might call it being self-absorbed. But that would suggest there’s some element of choice.

When you’re always doing, always going, always thinking… taking the time to pause and look around simply isn’t on the ADDers radar.

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3 Responses to “Life with ADHD – My Husband Makes Me Crazy – Video”

  1. ksmith says:

    Yes! This is how I feel when Jeff cooks and leaves a bigger mess. Or when he helps in one area, but the other areas are worse than before! I try to be patient, but sometimes it’s hard!

  2. Sean E Bravo says:

    Dear Dr. J

    The first slide has a spelling error in it. It says “is school work” instead of “in school work” :p or was that a test?

  3. Megatron says:

    I’m a writer and for a while I worked a proofreading job…and I’m very ashamed to say, I was awful at it. It was a terrible hit to my ego- I was always asking myself “I’m supposed to be a good writer, why can’t I do this properly?”

    It was a VERY details-oriented job. The sort of job where a single oversight could cost someone millions of dollars. It was terrifying. I quit.